Jaya Bachchan at Vashu Bhagnani's daughter's sangeet

Jaya Bachchan at Vashu Bhagnani's daughter's sangeet

Credits: www.pinkvilla.com

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Nice to see Jayaji wear the best accessory - which is a pleasant expression and a smile!

But she should ditch the Abu-Jani outfits. They are draped like a tent on her and the over elaborate designs and dupatta do not suit someone of her petite stature.

ROFL Riteish looks like a FREAK!

I miss Aish :(

Ritesh's outfit is a big joke. like most of his films :(

after the Bachchan baby's arrival. Jaya has been smiling a lot plus dressing more stylishly, good going.

I love simple clothes, but they don't have to be dull or related to the ageing of the person. I disagree about calling Rekha's dressing flashy and not according to her age. To me, it is rich and vibrant (just like the zest she has/can have for life) and yet very simple and classic, just like the classic she is. I like her use of solid color sarees instead of prints. It heightens the classic/timeless feel. And this sensibility comes from taste. Now there are people who can wear "loud" clothes (won't name the person) that can be off-putting, but I don't count Rekha in that department. Ms. Jaya Bachchan, with all due respect to who she is, lacks in this department if you want to compare her to Rekha's dressing.

whats wrong with both sons ritesh and dheeraj....both dress atrociously

jaya has no style sense

LMAOOOOOOOOO WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE LORD IS THAT "THING" I MEAN ALMOST ,KIND OF MAN , WEARING disgusting, maybe its not a man lol, and quite sure pink villa will not post this as usual! oh well...WHATS NEW, SEEMS LIKE THE ADMIN HAS A FEW FAVE CELEBS !!! TIME TO START MY OWN PINK VILLA LOLOL !

wtf is Ritesh wearing?

Ritesh's lowers are so funny

who is the girl with jaya? she looks simple and pretty. slightly reminds me of suchitra krishnamurthy in her younger days.

Really like Jaya Bachchans choice of clothes. We feel like respecting people who dress well and maintain their dignity. Specially after a certain age it is best to avoid flashy clothes/makeup (like Rekha). No wonder then that I love Jaya's dressing sense.

Jaya has a lovely smile. She should use it more often.


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