Sabyasachi bridal collection

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i hate hr

is that singer ...himesh reshamiya in the 3rd pic? if not....what a resemblance!!

a fan from thailand,love your photoes and also your fashion designs

ossam sabyasachi,keep it up

hello, please help me anyone, i am in New York City and i am getting married in a month, i am looking for sabyasachi bridal sarees, where can i buy his sarees online?Please help!

The sarees are very pretty and beauty of elegance but it is only ment for high class society people. The middle class cannot afford it.

i think his designs are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! i LOVE EVERY creation!!hes very original,in my opinion!!

Gauhur Khan looks so beautiful especially in the green sari!

Thanks for sahrnig. Always good to find a real expert.


last pic is awesome

I feel his designs are all patchwork of different not used materials.and every design looks the same. with no originality. I would not wear them.

agree with Anonymous on Tue, 2009-07-14 04:45.

green nature look-- nice!! very pretty outfits.

the clothes are pretty, but they would not be half so charming had they not been on these pretty models!! ;)

her name is GAUHAR KHAN!

I love them! i would wear all of those outfits.

i luv d saree dat gauri khan is wearing..i tink datz her name

this man creates the most beautiful indian traditional yet so modern! love each and every outfit he makes... only if he was affordable 'sigh'

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