Saif Ali Khan with Kids and Kareena kapoor watch Anjaana Anjaani

Saif ali khan was spotted with girlfriend Kareena Kapoor and kids Sara and Ibrahim watching Anjaana Anjaani. They took off in the same car.

Sara is all grown up now and she appears to be as tall as Kareena Kapoor. Ibrahim is super cute. Love the kids.

This kind of reminded of the scene from Kareena's movie - We are family:)

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Credits: pv

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Seems like Kareena's scarf mania is catching up with the family.

the most beautiful kids in bollywood.

his son reallly looks very naughty :) look at his expressions !!!! funny

It is great mistake for Kareena choosing this idiot and leaving Shahid. I used to like idiot's mom Sharmila and after becoming family friend of her two co-actress I heard from them Sharmila Tagore khan is very dominating and proudy. One of the two co-actres is very famous and her movie got Oscar Namination. directed by Shattyajit Roy. And Kareena's family except Karisma all are very very proudy..I met Ranadhir. He thinks he is from different space. Lol great matching Sharmila and Ranadhir. It would be better if they remarry as Babita left this idiot and Nawab Patiyari gone for ever.

saif`s condition in 5 years will answer the injustice to his kids and kareena and babita will face it too.

LMAO... no wonder they look sooooooo deppressed.. and bored.. they went to see Anjaana Anjaani..

stupidest movie..

@......they did go to watch the movie 'anjaana anjaanani' so that should explain the tension and sadness. lol :-p :(
ha ha ha !

Sarah is almost copy of Amrita Singh. She also seems very mature for a age. Kareena looks really bored sat in the car. She must be thinking oh gosh this will be the life after marriage,taking kids here and there. Reality is kicking in.

why Saif is wearing wedding ring? are they already married? why hide marriage? no respect.

Make that Saif 5'5" and kareena 5'2'...these people are so short if you ever meet them in person wearing flats.

Sarah is a beautiful girl. and yes, she reminds me so much of Amrita who was quite the fresh-face in her time. I know I'm not a fan of this (call me biased) but I, somehow, wouldn't complain if Sarah enters films due to her connections eventually (others are doing it anyways). And if she's got the talent with looks then why not.

She's too young now. But she'll grow up to be beautiful lady if she takes care of herself. not to be rude but just speaking of being plain healthy. i am aware she's a kid

And as for the rest of u complaining abt Kareena sulking or everyone being sad or something of that sort. they did go to watch the movie 'anjaana anjaanani' so that should explain the tension and sadness. lol :-p :(

Is Kareena living with Saif?

For all the people who think that the girl is "fat" her legs are pretty much toned-so shut up,she's a kid after all!

that is saif's kids? holly molly. they are pretty and big now! and sara. wow. she have her both her parents beauty. and why is kareena dress up so simple?

kareena look great

kareena lolz after sometime saifu son flirt with u bcoz his mom is very hot and young best of luck for ur future...

Hahaha another (we are family)

saif is 5'7 bebo is 5' growing faster,

kareena is sitting with kids at the back y wud she have a problem shes a queen

Maybe she looks unhappy becuz idiots are taking pics of her, she seems quite happy in her interviews and she seems to like the kids in other places, if u get out of a dark theater so have flashin lights on u , how is anybody else gonna look?? especially late at night, she looks healthy not fat
so plz idiots open ur eyes, gud luck

even though i don't like kareena. i think people should stop hating on her. people saying she's too skinny and when she gains weight saying she's fat. wtf are you guys kidding me? i don't think she looks fat here she looks healthy. i don't like her personality though. but i don't HATE her because i don't know her. hating on someone because of their weight is dumb. grow up people

Kareena looks so pretty and so much younger with minimal make up and I love her outfit here. I don't know why she wears so much makeup in her films. Makes her look like a drag queen.

I can't believe so many of us are commenting on these people. I mean its their life. We don;t even have the guts to write our names while commenting and we have the nerves to judge them...
Calling the girl chubby...advising her to lose weight...telling lareena she is too diva to be a step mom...We all suck...big tym!!

saif's daughter is wearing the shirt I have.

The kids are beautiful. Agree with everyone, Saif's daughter looks like Amrita.

kareena looks sad............if saif and kareena gets married then this will end up in a divorce... because kareena loooks so unhappy with saif's kids so, he s not gonna leave his childern 4 her at alllllllllllllll so please bebo open your eyes you can find a better husband and bf..gud luck

she is too much of a diva to be a good stepmom.

Wonder if Kareena like Piggy Chops work in AA!!

Yes agree, Sara looks like amrita a lot and Ibrahim is a copy of his dad...........

just wanna say sara is all grown up now.she looks very cofident and knows what is going round her.kareena looked out of advise for sara that she should start to look after her weight getting little chubby and if she wants to in this industry she should start to melt those kilos nowwwwwwwwwwwwww

omg they all looks very happy and had a blast. kareena u r looking very beautiful and gorgous

Saif is like 5'3" so Sara at age 15 being same height sounds reasonable

The fact that they even showed up TOGETHER should say something about kareena's relation with the kids. I cant believe we have people sitting here saying kareena looks UNHAPPY or SAD.
Look at this pic
She's fine, always glowing around him. And Saif is very much concerned about his kids. How can you judge otherwise based on these few poses? He's walking directly behind them. If he was unconcered, they'd be trailing him and he'd be walking ahead with Kareena.
Sharmila tagore has said that the kids are quite fond of Kareena, so I'm gonna go ahead and believe her. This isnt hte first time Kareena is spotted with them. There was a pic of kareena, saif, sara, babita and friends having lunch as well. So sara joined kareena and her family for lunch.
Back in 2008, Ibrahim was spotted as kareena took him backstage. I think they have found their comfort level by now.

sara and kareena wearing the same sandells

i really don't understand what the fuss is all abt ? saif's daughter was born when he was just 23 and kareen aand daif r 10 yrs apart. 10 yrs is not a big deal and we have 100s of couples who have that much age difference. If 2 ppl who r adults and independent love each other and want to be together if is it every tom, dick and harry who doesn't know them personally jumping on a judgement. i find saif- kareena's relationship very real and cute. their seems to be a lot of love in btw them. let them be and get a life.

sara is reaching the same height as saif..and she is alot like amrita sing

saif son was ahead of every 1 guess sara told him to sit between her n kareena

Love is blind guys n for the 1st time they r not holding hands:)

They all look very awkward

Everytime I see Kareena with saif in a car, she is really looking very SAD / UNHAPPY.
And this is also the case when the children are not around.

I don't know them personally, but as an outsider I get the impression that saif is controlling her.
She is being manipulated. sad thing is that she does not know this.

Kareena: looks insecure, unhappy and uncomfartable
Saif: is too much occupied with Kareena in stead of his kids
Sara: is happy with her father around her, seems like she is ignoring Kareena, at least there is less talking between her and Kareena (even in the car, she is not sitting next to Kareena) I think Sara is there because of her dad. She looks like her mom, but she seems to be a "daddy's girl" this
Ibrahim: I don't think he realises what is happening around him (I mean the realation of Kareena and saif). He is just a kid and does not understand what the media is doing around. He is simply too cute

On the whole: Everyone is trying their best, but it is not working.

The kids are in the same car (answer to comment below)

Sara looks very mature. Her whole attitude is like of a well mannered woman.
She looks happy and comfortable, unlike Kareena who looks "scared" and sad. She just does not fit in these pictures. As said before, she looks like a nanny.

I really love Kareena and wish her all the best. But to be honest, I don't think saif is her match.
Hope she realizes this very soon..............

Kareena's got such a glowing skin! that's what i call natural beauty :)

agree wid anon 17:14 /....ibrahim is too cute always..i find sarah always lil arrogant..may b m wrong..i bet she is interested in bollywood so she must b careful abt her figure..everyone nt sonam or sonakshi. n i LOVE saif.

eww wat is she wearing here wit this top..only sonam kapoor can pull off dat pants.

Saif,while dating Rosa, has told in Koffe wid Karan that he has made t clear to his kids that Rosa is not thier mom but thay can be friends.I guess he might have applied the same to his kids this time too. Its very true..thats the most practical.

These are star kids who have enough freedom unlike mid class indian families where the step mom comes in as a substitue for doing the housework, the wife, the daughter in law as well as the mom. And the mom has to see to it that the kids well bred too(read the girl should not fall in love n the guy comes home on time)..thats different guys

Wed, 2010-09-29 17:03 — Anonymous...It's so stupid & immature reading ur have quite imaginative mindset...You should finish high school first, then college and study to be shrink with a doctorate degree & years of hand-ons experience in order to judge ppl professionally.

Why do you have to drag Ash into a post that has saif and kareena as the subject,....leave that woman alone will ya

can't understand, what kind of men date women as old as their kids. I always feel either this women are desperate or greedy. Nd men well...better not say. Or may be is out of our understanding//// blind love???

She can go around without makeup because she has white skin which doesn't require much makeup.
If she had regular Indian skin, she would have piled on the makeup even for casual outings like the way ash does.

Just image barely out of school to be married at 21 yrs old to 34 years old woman..then a dad & main supporter at 24 years old...He looks like Sara's older brother...Even though divorced, he seems to be doting dad to his got to give him credits...Both Saif & Bebo deserve happiness instead of negativism from ppl. Inshallah to both!

I think Saif's kids are going to have one un-loving step mother. She isn't bonding well with the kids at all. And Saif seems to have her as his first priority instead of the childrens' happiness. And Kareena can most certainly do better than him.

kareena looks like she is a nanny for kids LOL!!!

Saif's wearing Fit Flops.. Gets his fashion sense from Kareena :)

saif wearing bebo scarf how sweet

i like her outfit carrot trouser, plain black top, n flipflops..normal hair..sooo less make up...n healthy

shes a wonderful, bwetiful women...:)

kareeeeeeeena is tall..average but hardly in ash n rest

so niceee wana see MORE....Specially bebo

bebo is so pretty no one can take over her looks with even tones of make up

sad? naa
bored..yaaa damn gorgeous hawt
overall...shes tired let her go to her bed...

shes so priety, but i think she needs rest making 4 films a year but seems warm n tired

"We r family"
and no need to buy copyrights for this one :P

just a thing why the kids are not in the car with them???

KAREENA LOKKS SAD .................

I am positie dear....I luv her....just do not want to see her in pain...look at her ...she is so serious....and eagar to get in the car.....who wants that kind of wid kids...anyway...may be she is liking it..her choice....

wow , both saif and kareena are looking great , i like ibrahim alot he is as cute and good looking as his father..but i don't like sara , she is a little fat just like her mom...btw don't u think the kids are a little tall for their age , sara is 15 or 16 and ibrahim is only 9 years old.

Wed, 2010-09-29 14:27 — Anonymous...Maybe she likes grownup positive, yaar

gorgeous bebo

BEAUTY ....but Unlucky.....Already she got two grown up kids...LOL...

Sara looks exactly like her mother and Ibrahim like his father and grandmother (Sharmila ji)
It seems like Kareena feels out of place a little.... a little awkward...

awwwwwwww kareena is looking absolutely cool and beautiful without makeup. they all seems a nice family.
both r classy couple

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