Saif, kareena, Karishma and Sara in London

Saif ali khan with daughter sara, karishma kapoor next to mom babita and Karishma kapoor at the corner.

They seem to having fun.

Credits: kareena-online

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so natural...she looks so much better without makeup...unlike a certain ms. world who always paints herself in white...
lol, yet still, that miss world is better than this stiff woman

so natural...she looks so much better without makeup...unlike a certain ms. world who always paints herself in white...

saif is hugging his daughter she looks just like amrita singh. she is very pretty, karishma is look lovley and so is karrena

i loves kareena more than saif but i m in doubt that is she will except my prupose or not because i m just 18 year old and a engg. student like amir in three idiot if kareena ur rading this so please except my prupose i m mad abt u by.

which restaurant in london?where samaira?

which restaurant in london?where samaira?

Thu, 2010-08-05 05:01 — Anonymous
Saif's own family was in London for your kind information. Infact, saif was in london BEFORE kareena got there. Right after the shoot of Agent Vinod, Kareena flew to Mumbai for Golmaal 3 shoot while saif flew to london to be with his ex wife and kids. Soon kareena joined him in london as well because she's shooting for Ra One there. So to say that saif is stalking kareena is highly judgmental, stupid and immature. Please, shahid is the last thing on bebo's mind. As if she cares what he's doing.
She has far greater things happening in her life and career at the moment to care for some ex boyfriend. Saif comes across as an extremely supportive partner. They both have really struck a good balance. bless em!

kareenas new movie we are family is just practice for her being a stepmom in real life to saifs kids! its so ironic!

Kareena is having a great time with her family and friends in London.
Saif who wanted to spend time with his children, decided to keep an eye on Kareena. That's why he is also there. He just want to know everything about Kareena's doing. Poor daughter Sara, I can't imagine she is having a great time with Kareena's family instead of her own family.
What is he afraid of? That Shahid may bump into Kareena as he is in Scotland and maybe in London?
I think Kareena also need some time alone with her family and friends without saif being around all the time.
I really don't like this control freak.................


I think Kareena promting her new movie We ARE All Family

Tue, 2010-08-03 03:35 —'re so right...this picture was downloaded by a person working on the film set, he downloaded many pictures on his facebook... celebrity should refrain individuals who work for them from exploiting their photos on net.. Do not understand how folks can preach about other people lives and not look at themselves? If one is so perfect and holier than thou, please post UR picture and profile on the pinkvilla to get a gold metal, ha ha! What I can see from this frame? Two families joining together to be harmonious. If one's cannot respect others, how can you respect yourself...get a life, negative bloggers..peace to you...Be positive and life will be breeze.

saifs wearing a ring in his ring finger???

OMG mini Amrita Singh here! Lol. Two words come to mind for actors like saif, aamir, srk. Sell out. Sad. Oh who are they kidding, all are looking very cosy,they must have got married quietly. You dont't wear wedding bands for no reason.

yeah, children's lives get devastated if the parents separate but remain perfect if the parents scream at eachother, despise eachother, hate eachother but just stay together for the heck of it??? ppl on this forum need a reality check! they separated because they were not good for eachother and i'm sure the kids would understand that! and they would have a better life if they r given separate but stable environment from each parent.

all r smiling including sarah..saif looks so damn cute..kareena looks saif holding 2 mobiles??

how sara must be feeling...these children's lives get so devastated.....heart of hearts she mustbe missing her mom,amrita...sad!!!!:(

Wow, people are so STUPID. Who the hell said shame on kareena? Saif got divorced WAY BEFORE kareena came into the picture. So how the hell shoudl she be blamed for his marriage gone wrong? And second, just becuase he's divorced does not mean he has no right to fall in love again. Good for him adn kareena fi htey still love each other despite those complications, and are doing their best to work everything out.
I hope htey stay together forever. Great to see the two families bonding.
And for the retard that said this is a publicity stunt..umm..its na exclusive picture that one of kareena's websites was able to obtain from some inside source. Had it been a publicity stunt, they would have invited countless media personels to snap them. How dumb are people?

i think people care more abt the whole ex wife and current gf thing even more than saif/kareena/amrita do!! hehehehe

Know What, Kareena's real life is just like the movie she is acting in "WE ARE FAMILY" only instead of Arjun Rampal and Kajol , they must have cast Saif and Amrita!!

oh my, people are so judgemental. Saif's daughter looks pretty happy to me. And to say shame on kareena for dating saif is sooo ridiculous. he got divorced from amrita like ages ago . They all have moved on and all you detracters should do the same. Get over it!

Anonymous — 2010-08-02 11:47 ...Where do you get that his daughter doesnt "look" happy??? You can only see half of her face. What a retard! Some ppl here on PinkVilla are just soo petty. Do you not have anything better to do then comment negative things about people and their lives. You dont know them personally.. so you are in no position to comment about what they're thinking and how they feel. UGH!

@Anonymous - 2010-08-02 11:39... Why should she feel bad about that? and why "shame on her??" It's not like she broke up their marriage. They were done long before Kareena even started dating him. So, just bc Sara's mother aka Amrita couldnt make their marriage work..does that mean Saif should live alone for the rest of his life??? What a idiotic thing to say!!!

It seems that everyone has their own nonsensical info about everything...apparently, Saif got divorced before Kareena came into the picture...The comments are coming from children who knows nothing about life. It seems that many remarks should be ignored because of ignorance and immaturity based on some laughable and ridiculous comments below. Many indians live in their own bubbles without understanding other ethnicity, cultures and life itself by forming their own interpretations. .take a break and learn about people, cultures and their world before voicing your own opinion. Some childish opinions should not be taken into considerations.

Saif wears a ring because he is in a committed relationship.

In India even though there is engagement ring getting wore durign "engagement" I think people follow still all the rituals (at least Hindus do). Totally its a foreign concept n people dont care abt it at all. I thnk if u r in western world want to let other people knw tht u r married u do wear(like I do) but in India true it doesn mean anything!

One big HAPPY family??
Can't believe that. The daughter is not looking happy at all. I think she is happy to be with her father and ofcourse would love to see her mom and brother with them.
Just a publicity stunt. To show the media they are a happy family, since we have read other things lately.
I hope and pray Kareena will come to her senses soon, and will leave Saif, so he can return to amrita and his children. I do believe Saif will dump her if something better (prettier) would come across. She is the best actress at this moment and that's the only reason why he is with her. I don't like him at all.

He looks very arrogant. Don't like that that all.
His daughter really looks like her mom. Cute girl...........wonder if Kareena feels shy and guilty while being in the presence of his children. She should be.............Shame on her!!!

awww one big happy family.


His daughter looks like her mom. Don't know how kareen feels of him having such big daughter.

she is so cute without make up.....i hope they will marry

kareena also wears a wedding ring like Saif. I think they are married.. but want to keep it in wraps.

awwww kareena and karishma r looking beautiful and seems enjoying. love them

just to point out, a "wedding" ring is a western concept, so an indian wearing a ring on their 3rd finger of left hand, does NOT mean you're married.... it's totally a western concept that indians copied, just like the diamond engagement ring. seriously, indians need to adhere to more of their own cultures... back in the days, there were no engagments with rings... just mithai and perhaps a token, like a peice of jewelry given to the to-be bride
so saif is probably only wearing a "ring"..... and that's it.

why does saif wear a wedding ring?

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