Salman in Dubai for hair transplant

Salman Khan is currently in Dubai to get a hair transplant done. He has been turning bald and he got one hair transplant last year which ended up going wrong. We all saw Salmam with his bald head, remember? It was hair transplant going wrong.

Now he is giving it another try. he is currently in Dubai to get one

Seen here is the photo of our handsome Salman mnay many years back. Doesn't he looks great. And do check out his lustrous thick hair.

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its great and i like it very much


LISTEN you dumbo! If the first pic of his baldness why do we see the dark shadow of his hair in his head?
He just shaved his hair you fob!!

every1 knows salman has done hair transplant not once but twice, the 2nd after he lost even his 1st transplant :)....frankly bolly-wood is just actors only so called stars....losers all wid inflated egos....driven by a crazy populace of a dumb nation.

yeah he got the best hair transplant him more after the hair transplant!!

There is a Doctor Sajjad khan ILHT who claimed that he has done Salman khan hair transplant. But net search told us that he is a big fraud and was using wife name for doing surgeries in USA and now banned in USA. Now he is doing hair transplant in Dubai.
just type fraud dr sajjad khan in google and will find the facts.
click here for USA official medical Board report

my baby looks good even fact he should go bald now...i know he'll make a trend out of it..luvvvv u salman jaaaannnnn...mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

oooh sexy in the bald look

ahhhggg - its not a hair transplant he shaved his head for a movie couple years ago! get the facts straight people. its his own hair that he has now. if he were to get a transplant i think that he would gotten one where his hairline wasnt receding so much. he has his own hair now!!!!!!!!!! dumb people dumb posts

Salman is my favorite. He is really a killer and he has taken right decision because hair transplants will help him to maintain his handsome looks.


ye kya kar rahe ho yaar tum log ... ye sab taklo , batlo , buddho ko lekar films bana rahe ho ....acche smart handsome ladke hain unko bhi chance do yaar

Okay, I know this is an old post, but I'll comment anyway because I didn't know he had a hair transplant.
I don't think he looks bad in the bald do. It's actually kind of sexy.


wonder how would these bollywood stars would be perform without song and dance in the movie. Its songs that make the movie a hit, so in real fact its the music director and singers are the real stars

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