Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha at Fast Five screening

Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha at Fast Five screening at Ketnav. Also spotted are Alvira Khan, Atul Agnihotri and Arpita Khan.


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LOL using his siblings to cover yet another costar affair, trash the whole lot of them!!!

If Salman isn't single then he is probably dating yet another clingy costar, man he certainly has a complex and so do these pathetic actresses who basically sleep their way to the top since they have no talent whatsoever besides sleeping with Salman!!!

I love her face...

Salman is sooooo good looking, doesnt look a day over 30 this guy.

Sonakshi is pretty too.

Kitty always leaves the nastiest comments, and then leaves a :) at the end so that she sounds civil. Get a life.

Kitty, it is Sal,am's topic related to Sonakshi, not ash's one,
i never visit topics on Ash's and whether i visit i do not write bad things about her, thus there is so much to do with it,
if you do not like Salman, stop visiting his topic, this is best what you can do

Salman looks cool and Sonakshi, hot.

Those who are saying he is not aging well, I disagree. He still looks good for a 45 year old. Also, maintaining that body becomes even more harder as age increases. But he still does and that's great!

I agree with Kitty's comment. Why was it deleted?

Why has your comment been deleted? It makes my comment look rather foolish.

@ Naveed, I did say this before, true... but you never replied me then either! That's OK no big deal...

But looks like my original comment got deleted anyway, somehow it was found to be offensive to someone! Hmmmm... LOL... now that's strange! :) Anyway I won't whine about it, that's not my style! :)

@ Kitty - we've been here before so no comment from me.

I will NEVER object to whatever you say again so jo aap to teek lage aap karo.

Naveed, please try not to overreact to people's comments. I don't think my comments are overboard at all. I think that if Salman's articles attracted even 10% of the negative comments on Pinkvilla that Aishwarya would get in a day you would probably have a heart attack. Not just on Aishwarya articles either, she is brought up on many, many articles that have absolutely nothing to do with her. Do I whine after every comment? No I don't. But if I disagree with someone's comment I may tell them why. Or sometimes I will say "how did Aishwarya get dragged in!?" LOL... It is OK to disagree with someone but don't make the mistake of thinking your star should get special treatment. Better for you to look with open eyes at all the baseless insults that are showered on other stars here before you try to impose different rules on me because I dared not to praise your favourite star.

And if you think that 90% of the Ash-bash comments left by "Anonymous" are true, that's your opinion. But just the other day you told me that it is "absolutely not OK" to talk negatively about any star... when it was Kareena. Funny how I never saw you stick up for Aishwarya at all... now some of those comments are "overboard". Maybe you never noticed, isn't it funny how bias works? :)

And no I don't hate Salman, why do you keep saying that? I have followed his court cases, verdicts, and jail sentences with much interest, and like anyone else I think that justice should prevail... I don't hate anyone, sorry to disappoint you! :)

@ kitty - plz stop with your nonsense. I try to be polite when I interact with you but you just go overboard. When people criticize your precious ash you lambast them and 90% of the time what they say is the truth.

You hate the guy and everything associated with him and still you visit his pages and on top of that comment. LOL. You and barbie girl should do better things with your time. Think of that as friendly advice :)

Hmmm, good question Naveed, but I wouldn't assume his partner is a woman! ;)

Thu, 2011-05-19 11:56 — Anonymous

He's not aging well


For god sake the guy is 45 LOL such people make me laugh. The guy can't look young forever. He mashallah looks great for his age.

Btw Zarine let slip that Salman is NOT single. Now the question is who is that woman? hmmmmm

Why is some one preaching ISLAM here.. get a life .. not every one follows every single rule laid down in every single religion.... why find a place to question actors religious motives..not jus alcohol for that matter there are so many religious things that people don follow especially in highly demanding life styles....but doesn mean they r not doing well .. they probably do other good things that many people don.. like love n respect for people in general!! don get why people get so insecure about their religion..seriously!!

I'm sorry I don't even consider Sonakshi much pretty and Salman in his prime was drop dead gorgeous and handsome and HOTTTT .... I hope he still is with Katrina if not that sucks because none of these are even near hot or pretty.

He's not aging well

Sonakshi and Salman went together as Salman has busy schedule for next two weeks and he will miss Sonakshi,
Salman and Sonakshi are hot pair

salman khan the fitty... N yesshhhhe luks lyk brtad pitt... x x x x x

hmmm Why does Salman have alot of dark circles under his eyes ? I hope he is sober we wouldn't want anymore "accidents"!Phew but looks like someone else is driving so it is safe.

Living proof that Salman & Sonakshi are together and also proof that although Sallu said he will stop drinking to get in shape he still can't give up alcohol lol

You're a wonderful Muslim Salman...go on and advertise alcohol...when its totally forbidden in Islam! I do wonder, are any of the Khans muslims or they just have the surname?

aww sweet. sonakshi looks cute. salman looks hot. and they make a damn hot pair.

Salman and Atul used to be so good looking 15 years ago. Aging is so cruel !!!!!!!!!

Sonakshi is totally dating Salman, she's practically attached to his hip 24/7 .

i love the dress on sonakshi, so vibrabt!!
salman looks hansome(like always) and really fit.


Salman is so hot, he is hottest man
Sonakshi is lovely, love her dress deffo they went together to meet

Alvira stepped on Atul's toes....Ouch!!

sonakshi looks exactly like reena roy in this pic



Nice to see Salman looking a bit trimmer. He looks way better after losing some weight.

Sonakshi is so nice ,she is very nice in simple dress, and yes, Salman god what a dashing is he, they are nice couple, i think Sonakshi is almost part of their family, she feels very comfortable with Salman, Alvira, Arpita

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