Salman & Zarine Khan performance at IIFA Awards 2010

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What a performence ?
I like you sallu bhai .

zarine is looking so pretty.
i luv u mah jaani
i wanna to see your new photoshoot please please upload in this site

Tue, 2010-07-20 01:27 — Anonymous

and hope they are not dating otherwise it would be the degradation of Sallu's taste in women, after Ash, Kat, it is just ridiculous.

and photographer really work hard to shaw her hips as skinny as possible, hope bollywood much more to shaw us, than this fake beauty.

Maybe she is nice, but as a part of audience i have right not to see her on screen.

zarine looks pretty n salman looks cute.

is that mahesh bhupathy at the back ?

love salman so cute

we all thought it was kat when she came on then we were disapointed and thats the problem for the poor girl she just looks to similar to kk

she didint even dance she cant act or dance like katrina too! wow

Zarine outfit reminds me of Katrina's IIFA 2008 outfit where she perform race songs.......yet she manage to look good....u knw u need some flesh to carry off legging...nvr really suit skinny girls.

ohh God , they luks good together.. hope somethin called " love " happen between them... hahaha

Shashi Tharoor not looking so hot here. Sallu's lost his looks too.

This lady is gorgeous.

So are they dating

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