Seema Sachdev-Khan-wife of Sohail khan

Seema Sachdev-Khan-wife of Sohail khan 0
Seema Sachdev-Khan-wife of Sohail khan 0

Sohail Khan eloped with Seema Sachdev the day Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya was released but the marriage took place only after a week. Since the girl is a Punjabi, they first had an Arya Samaj wedding and later in the evening there was a nikaah.

She is an aspiring Fashion designer now.She is with her brother Bunty Sachdev... who is the current boyfriend of SUSHMITA SEN...

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Anonymous's picture

he was dia mirzas ex he's a player though

Anonymous's picture

In Islam Muslim Men & Women are not allowed to marry Non-Muslim(Kafir).If he/She marry Non-Muslim(Kafir) then He/She is Eliminated from islam and becomes kafir....!!!

Anonymous's picture

What all the ladies is Salman's family eat to be this thin.

Anonymous's picture

Wow ! She is cute !

Anonymous's picture

Why did they elope in the first place??

Anonymous's picture

Sushmita's toy boy

Afghan_babe's picture

not bad

Anonymous's picture

I think Bunty Suchdev is a producer n organizes lot of stage shows, no doubt all the chicks r behind him...he looks bad though..I think Sohail is going through a divorce

Anonymous's picture

Is this guy supposed to be important? Who is he and why does it matter who he is dating... loser.

Anonymous's picture

not fond of her jeans

tightpants's picture

the guy is pretty hot. hmmm..not bad sushmita.

Anonymous's picture

dis man had many affairs wid dia neha dhupia sushmita sen etc

Anonymous's picture

dis man wwas dia mirzas ex too

Anonymous's picture

She doesn't look that great in this picture, but otherwise she;s a nice looking lady

rc5522's picture

she looks nice


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