Shah Rukh Khan and family snapped at the airport

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Shah Rukh Khan and family snapped at the airport. They were returning from Dubai where they have been holidaying.

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Credits: Viral Bhayani

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Sad family,
some pics for fans and media and all´s well? Come on guys,
its clear,
Priyanka won. She destroyed this family!

I can't stand yellow pants

Lol can't u post some clear pics ? seriously ?

These pics are creepy.

The family looks great! God bless them. It's great how srk from not having any home to have many in different countries and to see his family enjoying the fortune! So inspiring...

I hope Shehnaz goes well. She looks very scared. Btw a happy family is different. Very sad!

Great small family. I'm sure they had fun in Dubai. I loooove Dubai.

the zoom of camera is very bad on their faces. good to know that aryan was with them in dubai too.

where are the rest of the comments Pinkvilla? why is it taking so long now to approve comments? what a nice way to discourage people from coming to can we get back to the old way please?


Gauri looks great

Gauri looks great :-)

OMG! SRK witout Cigar! His son looks sssoo HOT~

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