Shah Rukh Khan at Surabhi Foundation fundraiser event

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Shah Rukh Khan at Surabhi Foundation fundraiser event. Also spotted is Pamela Chopra.

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Credits: Viral Bhayani

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He is sooooooooo sexy!!!!

no one can beat his personality, there is something great abt him which is just out of this world!

Sun, 2013-04-14 07:51 — Anonymous

isn't he the hottest ? ;)


isn't he the hottest ? ;)

SRK is hot and sexy within i mean his intelligence and his persona is HOT. The king of khans and bollywood.

His dumb fans call him hot but truth is that this smoking thing has made srk look like a chusa hua aam!

smoking has nothing to do with being hot..srk has never been called handsome but hot, sexy, ...etc which is not based mainly on facial features. .and yes, his true fans will call him hot and stand by him forever while his dumb haters will continue undervaluing, hating and spreading rumors about him..but all in vain

wow he is hot. So frickin sexii. Love you Srk.

Wished have more complete men like him in BW.

Love him.

My perfect man !! LOve you Shahrukh

Pls SRK take some rest.. I hope u will take some rest after the chennai express shoot! But u r a charmer!



My hottie!:))) love you and wish you well for the shoulder surgery.

Mr perfect.

such a hard worker - it takes effort to be at the top. hai mr adorable ;)

wow!! What the hell happened to this old man?? Hag in a day!! Yikes!!

Handsome :) well i agree , he needs to take some rest ..

The King!

Supe duper handsome.

He is wearing fantastic suits lately. A true man who knows how to dress in big events.

Handsome as ever. Pray for your shoulder honey.

Looks so good:) wish he would smile big. He hardly smile! And I looooooove the picture when he is wearing glasses! So hot!

He aged badly, he was handsome even 5 years ago no doubt. Now he is no more charming and handsome.

Yes @kitty, my sentiments exactly:)
He's as dapper and handsome as always in a suit :)

Wow!!!!! Looking hot. So damn sexii

He never takes a day off, does he? Such a hard worker & a crowd pleaser... and soooo charming!

His dumb fans call him hot but truth is that this smoking thing has made srk look like a chusa hua aam!
PV, please post this.

Aww srk and anupama chopra :)

Loooking Good Mr. Khan. Glad he doesn't do botox. Looks like 47 year old. OSO 6-pack craze and RaOne destroyed his face. He used to look gaunt those days. Last year he looked drunk. Now he is back to his pre-OSO look, slightly aged ofcourse.


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