Shahid Kapoor with family @ his surprise birthday bash

Shahid Kapoor with family @ his surprise birthday bash
shahid kapoor turned 29 today

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Credits: pv

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you r my fav. hero

You are so cute

I love you sahid kapoor

Love you Shahid xxx

shahid always look beautiful i love shahid


you are so nice


i love u sooooo much nd i miss u

super photoes

hi hot...awesome.........

humm nice

so so so pic no nice pic
kam chalau pic

He's so boyishly cute. Nice that he has such a supportive family.

wow shahid kapoor is so quet ilove u alot

All the photos r really awesome.
I think shahid is waiting for his dream girl and Priyanka and Kareena not one he wants.

better luck for the NEXT TIME.BE HAPPY :-)

love u a lot miss u

i luv u

His little brother Ishaan is a teenage cutie! I can't believe Shahid is 29....what a baby face!

Below, I knw right they should totally date, sadly Amrita is dating that guy accross from him n shahid, he played shahid bff in ishq vishk

good photos.

loking roacking brother

wowww all family together. there is nothing more precious than a family in the world

wow this guy will probably look cute and young even at 50 I guess. :-) He still looks like he's in college, and thats a good thing! :)

AWWWWW!! he luks soooooo cute!
Happy Birthday!! Hpe u hav a fab day! LUV U LOADS!! x x x

oh sanah is just a carbon copy of her mother..shahid looks cute as always..ishan used to look cute when he was a kid..n neelima azim looks pagli.

For those who don't see the big deal in Shahid...
let me tell you I'm a girl and I think he's pretty good looking... something very down to earth about him.
And me think he's a fine actor and a great dancer.

woooow shahid ....Happy BirthDay wish you all the happiness in the whole world

awww. soo cuuuute! wish him a very very happy birthday:). He is the best!

lots of love to u and ur family

lol at the last comment....bashing shahid to promote ranbir i see

"e is where he is because of her connections " - and she is waht she is because of her grandfather? inspite of the flops. shahid has more hits than flop queen kareena.

A self made Shahid anyday than a good for nothing, riding on family name nad indian's obsession on pale skin with no great features and capable of acting only one kid of roles actress.

iss supriya pathak also a very good coook ?? She and her kids have become so fat ... whereas she herself used to be so slim in her younger days

What's the big deal? Ranvir Kapoor is only in industry for 3 years and hailed as the next superstar, and more hits than him. Ranvir is very talented. In addition, he is ex of Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor. He has more exes in his career more than hit films. The last film this year failed big time.

The only good thing for him, he is best dancer.

i don't see why girls love him. kaminey was his only good performance to be remembered. and i DON'T like kareena but he needs to give his ego a check and accept that he is where he is because of her connections with filmmakers.

happy birthday shahid! LOVE YOU!

I agree with anon about kareena! before he was just kareena's boyfriend now hes an ACTOR and plus on lift kara de he said i have changed becaus now I take my own decisions which means before KAREENA TOOK HIS DECISIONS

Thats so cute.. he celebrated his birthday with his family. Love him for that!

Better to be with family than co-stars for the sake of popularity.

These days all you here are film events or birthday events or made up events as a an excuse for stars to get together. Reminds me of Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna where SRK and Rani's character are not into the superficial parties. But I guess folks in Bollywood does not mind those. They fight one day and the next day show up at each other's parties ... weird.

now he is kareena's ex and priyanka's ex. not shahid kapoor

He's just fine without kareena. Actually he's better off without kareena. He's work is much more recognized now.
Before he was just karreena's boyfriend.
He doesn't need her!

shahid itna make up kyun laga ta he? Out of all his co-stars and link-ups only 2 showed up, hahahaha!! Poor guy, without Bebo he is surely on his way out!

2nd last pic..him & amrita look soooo nyc 2gether..they shud totally date!

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