Shahrukh photos with mom and sister

Shahrukh khan seen as a kid with his mom. He lost his mom at a very early age. His sister's name is Shenaz and she stays with him and Gauri. Shenaz went into depression after his mom's death. She is mentally ill.

Shahrukh saw a lot of hardships in his early years. But he was a bright student. Very good at sports. Was a very active student.

seen is this photo is SRK with his sister Shenaz.

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I love SRK Doughter suhana khan from the bottom of my heart

You are hero of pk

You are hero

i love u shahrukh

damn, some pple are so personally invested in these movie-stars.

What are u doing here then?.lol..pot and kettle come to mind...

damn, some pple are so personally invested in these movie-stars.

his sis looks just like their mom

i lov u srk & ur family.

aaaaah this is so touching.. That's why he knows how to make millions hearts melt.

srk assalamulaykum how are you and your family? I have seen all of your movies, I am your biggest fan of all may allah bless you and your family. You are doing a good job by looking after your sister wish you all the best and good luck! may allah succeed you in your upcoming movies. Please do come for a show in london as I am desperately waiting to meet you again. With lots of love from your greatest fan.

allah bless u srk & ur family

SRK, i luv you nd yur family nd may god bless you.

I will say lucky sister, not because he is big man but he is a
Good person good Dad good husband and the best of all
A good brother, luv u since I saw u in Fauji Serial.

i like sharuk

so sad to hear about his sister

Hey!SRK my elder bro.i pray for your have to read salat regularly.say my hello to suhana and her bro. Allha hafiz.

SRK is a gem of a guy..most ppl will put their mentally depressed relations in a home..he doesn't

shahrukh good day zinda gi ki rahoon may janay kisay kaun mila.. kisi ko hum na milay aur kohi humein na mila.

I love srk and his famly i love you srk and all his films

i love ur family, srk

I know him from 1993 only with his Bazigar/Dar films------------i don't know before him- but my concious given push him front seat in Bollywood

I always wish him-flops & hits
god luck

if any chance try to share that luck with me

Nice pics..he's looking cute. I doubt that his sister is actually mentally sick.....depression can make you a loner and incoherent ...I hope she finds the strength to come out of her depression. God bless SRK and his family.

May God bless him in this life and the after.. and show him and his family the straight path.

MAy ALLAH bless srk and his family
he went through alot of problems in his life and manage struggle so well without giving up, i wish all the best for him and his family, may they all be happy 4ever n 4ever ameen, hes is a great man and is one of the luckiest guy in the world to have everythin in his life, including his wife Gauri khan, whom hes is in love for 26 years and 2 beautiful kids :)

Hats off!!! SRK

very nice pic shahrukh what the lovely family

Shahrukh, god bless you and your lovely family :).

Shahurkh God bless u and give u long to live and see ur grand children
because ur i so down to earth, and the mother that give birth to u give brith to and kind and respect child. I so cute.

poor srk! he seem like a good dude

sad..his sister is mentally ill now?

his sis kinda lukz lyk him.....
Srk lukn gud

luv srk

God bless srk! :)

this man deserves every happiness in life and in in the film industry i know Allah is wiht him and supports him he is number one in bollywood industry he is a self made man he didnt have a God father like other movie stars or a rich uncle or father or cousin in in the industry he is a self made man i respect him alot he is a every thing a human is going for him , i pray for him to Allah to give him more success in life he is a good human being and a caring father husband and brother i love him and respect him even more i loveeeeeeeee u shahrukh you are in our prayers always love u

I agree with u gudgal...such a horrible comment..thanks for sharing the same view about this mad

**empathy...oops typo!

Hey--Anonymous on Fri, 2008-06-20 06:41---r u out of ur mind? u know his sis is mentally god...have some emapathy! u r human too...u r not immune to sicknesses n illnesses either...!!! stop being such a snob....u never know wat lies ahead of u!

and u better stop calling her sister bulldog..u sick !!! u might end up with depression tomorrow who knows..!! wish u have the taste of ur own medicine..only then u will shut up..

brave man with a supporting wife ...i do respect him as an artist..god bless

shahrukhan i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

wel beauty lies in the eyes of beholder

SRK's parenst wud have been VERY proud of him if they were alive today...
god bless them.


I know SRK lost his dad ata very young age. He later lost his mom. His sister went into depression. So sad ...i pray that god bless him with all the happiness...

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