Shilpa, Shamita & Sameera at IPL Games

Shilpa, Shamita & Sameera at IPL Games 0
Shilpa, Shamita & Sameera at IPL Games 0

Shilpa Shetty, Shamita Shetty and Sameera Reddy spotted at IPL games. Also spotted are cricketer Shane Warne and Maharani Padmani Devi.

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maham-chaudhry's picture


Anonymous's picture

i love shilpa evven more each day

Anonymous's picture

that saree was gifted to her by rani padmini..the one who is standing with in the pic.

Anonymous's picture

Shilpa & Sameera both look great & Shilpa has the best body for saris!

Anonymous's picture

sameera looks nice

Anonymous's picture

Shilpa Nautanki Shetty.. Attention hungry.. I hate her..

Anonymous's picture

ya dear its Rajasthan royals na thats why..

Anonymous's picture

i love shilpa's blue saree very royal the colour


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