Shilpa & Shamita Shetty at the IPL Nights Party

Shilpa & Shamita Shetty at the IPL Nights Party. Also spotted are Shilpa's husband, Raj Kundra and cricketer, Shane Warne.

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That bloody shamita shetty ,showing her smelling pussy ... YUk!!! ..

Hey is it Raj Singh or Raj Kundra? LOL...wotta conquest!

shammy shows her fanny...she forgot to wear her panty...and her fanny is visible clearly...

shamita looks normal, but shilpa seems to always overact and how could her husband run such a big bussiness when he seems to be running around her all the time.

pink villa is great i love it keep rocking

shamita telling her sis "I forgot to wear underwear again today"
shilp- "omg! me too!"

Shammy showed her fanny 1nce haha

Showing their feelings is not Overacting

love them ..bless...beautiful ppl

awwwww now i miss my sis :'(

Haha, their expression in the third pic

the only thing that would make me pay for a ticket for a match is to tale a look at the players butts nothing else

shamita's dress is from FRENCH CONNECTION, jus letting u knw all LOl bu it look nice on her ;)

her sister is really pretttty

Shamita, did anybody ever tell you its rude to whisper lol

Overacting as usual.

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