Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza's Mehndi photos

Sania Mirza is wearing a pink anarkali.
Sandhya and Bhavana, Hyderabad's reputed mehendi designers, were called to apply mehendi to Sania.
I loooooove the mehndi!!!!

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Credits: facebook

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very good mehendi i like it


sania is like katreena kaif

sania is same katreena kaif

v bad

good sania is lucky as she has shoaib

wow sania and are both nice

Bhabhi To ha Chaand ka tukra

ur looking very gorgeous

he atleast could iron his kurta, i love her mehndi though and if you notice she wearing the same chappal in all her wedding reception and days and sangeet

very very bad

Tue, 2010-04-20 15:40 — Anonymous

y is shoaib malik's shirt not ironed? this is ridiculous.

Nature look's r HIMALAYA, HIND OSION, BUT SANIA'S look's indicate World wide beauty. She's realy a skyfarry. I looooooovvvvvveeeee SANIA MIRJA G.

nice couple sania and shoaib congratulations......

i hope sania wont be cheated..this guy doesn't seem to deserve her!

wooow wonderful mehndi design

what is the saying? if the medhi is deep, the hubby's luv is deep. if light, the luv is not so deep..

what say, married gals out there? was this true for you? was your medhi deep or light..??

She looks beautiful with her mehendi....and Shoaib too is handsome....I like their Jodi..Cute couples....

She looks beautiful with her mehendi....and Shoaib too is handsome....I like their Jodi..Cute couples....

sweet couple

lovely i like their jodi

Both looks awesome...A beautiful and perfect couple!!!

she looks gorgeous but whats with Shoaib's kurta? Its a bit awkward.

pretty anarkali.

shes looks gorgeous in these pics - love the dress, the henna and her smile =)
and shoaib - what the hell?? who wears jeans on a mendi? and hello, its called an iron! go find one and use it lol jeez

mehndi after the wedding?

Love her mehndi and she looks gorgeous in the 2nd pic as well !

The design is nice. However, I personally think its too much. May as wel have got arms decorated right to the top! Lol. She looks a lot slimmer in the last pic. Nice suit.

looks like she is not practicing tennis since few weeks, her original skin color is back! Nehow..she still looks gorgeous!

Her mahendi is good its marwari design....and old fashion also

beautiful mehendi..makes me wanna get married right
but man she looks so pale :(

omg she looks amazing, and absolutely loving the mehndi

her mehndi is beautiful!!

Thats ALOT of mehndi

BTW, what the hell is Shoaib wearing to his mehndi, lol.

She's looking good in the second pic, the anarkali is looking good on her. the mehndi looks great, too.

she is looking very pretty...

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