Shweta Bachchan's Husband Rahul Nanda

He is the cousin brother of Karishma and Kareena Kapoor.

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ABHI looks cutie........


Shweta tries to put on a weird accent even though she lives in Delhi. You can hear her on Koffee with Karan on youtube

Shweta has her Dad's features and Abhi has his Mom's,especially his eyes.Whenever I see Shweta she looks like Amitabh dressed as a girl (a better version of "Mere Angne Mein").Abhi really looks young when clean shaved, also his hair looks quite okay here unlike what it looked during Cannes.

no her son's name is agastya nd daughter is navya...hmm

Nikhil is her son;s name

his name isnt rahul...its nikhil i think

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