Some unseen Pics of Kareena and saif @FFA

i know you guys dont like much of kareena's posts but these are unseen pics....


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sisters should not be compared with each other..that is just wrong

"i know you guys dont like much of kareena's posts" what u talking abt. its only the haters who do

i think you are so cute

karishma is better looking

are you kidding me? Where did you get the idea that we don't want to see kareena's posts. She is the best actress in bollywood. She just got voted by zoom as the no. 1 stylist actress followed by sonam and then bipasha. Why wouldn't we want to see kareena. She is gorgoes and a great actress. Luv her. More please!

mrs karisma kapur is very beautiful, i wish she could come back to make more films again after she has a daughter, she has things to do rather than making movies.

Waste....look at their husband/bf. Pathetic

both are so pretty n classy!

err i only c one pic!

both sisters always look stunning and beautiful. both rock the bollywood.

lol @ the second pic all the gals are playing with hair

anon on wed 2008-10-29 i soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo agree with u yaar!!!kenya

oh my woah she has enough makeup on she looks like a tranny man n drag

all ya hataz. i luv kareena and wuld luv 2 c more pics plzz. thanx

Karishma definitely looks much daintier than Kareena. kareena looks like a tranny in these pics. Or maybe the camera angles are just to bad to highlight her plus points (if there are any!!)

Karishma looks better than kareena i have to admit that this time!

Kareena resembles Paris Hilton these days

ok pics

Radiant, Kajol and Shahrukh are not a real life couple!

misery guts kareena, eat something!! that might make u happier!!

their age difference is 10 yrs. kajol and shahrukh are about 9-10 yrs one says their too old for eachother

Kareena needs to think again about this. He is toooo old for her.

Kareena seems to be unhappy when she is with Saif !
karisma is cute in this pic ^^

they r not happy sadd:( buuuuu

anon dats nyc=nice

Yup exactly, she's India's Paris Hilton n her her best friend, Amrita Arora is Nicole Richie.
Dumb .dumb.Dumb.
o gosh m blinded.

yes Anon, i think thats tabu and she is also in the second pic

karisma looks gorgeous...

is tht tabu in the back row in 6th pic

wow, semmi really needs to learn how to spell.

dey both look nyc

karisma looks absolutely pretty

karishma looks younger than her now lol

Kareena looks SKINNY!

buzz off haters..she looks gorgeous

karishma actually looks wayyyy more prettier and down to earth.

karina was never pretty to begin shes gettin uglier by day...

So much Attitude mann.. Sick of these ASS****

Wow, Indian Ver of Paris Hilton.. Sick of her..

ewww.....i just cant stand saif....hes such an immature bastard...and as for kareena she reminds me of hilton nowadays and that aint a compliment!

kareena is wearing TOO much makeup. look at the clownish blush.

kareena looks older than karisma

Kareena keeps touching her hair or arranging her saree. I think she's very much in love with her flawless selfish little self. Karisma looks far better and far more composed than that bimbette.

karishma now looks prettier than kareena

thankx for the post!
i love her earrings
looks like saif is talkin to karishma's husband

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