Sonam Kapoor at Inspiro event

Sonam Kapoor at Inspiro event at Sion. She is wearing Anamika Khanna and was styled by Tanya Ghavri for the event.


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love that dress... finally she is looking decent after choosing 100 wrong looks for herself

Kareena kapoor has allabastar skin tone! This sonam is faking it her skin is so brown but its been so whitened. This dress would look so much better on Kareena Kapoor

I wonder y this bollywood heroines dont understand that they look the best in salwar suit...

She has a lovely smile!

awww, omg she's adorable, she's so cute, she's so pretty.. BLA BLA BLA, complete BS..... and why is she a celebrity again, oh that's right because her dad is one so that automatically makes her a good actress.... oh bollywood i don't blame you , i think the audiences are just getting dumber and are being forced to accept talentless ppl as long as they look good, thats why ppl keep on commenting on how good these talentless actresses look rather than judging their work for which they get paid tons of money. I hope she knows everyday she wakes up that the only reason she is called to any event is because her dad's name is attached to her not for her acting

If all these creepy film stars are sp called beautiful then what we are ?? they apply tons of makeup, nd go through many sergeries then they r beautiful OMG. I think I am way pretty than them..I love myself

Atta faceeee

I want to see this dress on the CHammak CHallo girl...Kareena Kapoor

so cute

She is beautiful but PLEASE don't call her an actress. Thankyou.

extra makjup to look light.and how she is beautiful?she has extra tiny face,i realized it in i hate luv stories.

I hate her smile...

the dress would look amazing on Bebos skin tone and luscious lips! Because she is a chammak challo


why is Maharaj Radhanath Swami with these bollywood folks?

She got such a beautiful face much prettier than kapoor girls.


aw pretty

She is stunningly beautiful! I think her and Aishwarya Rai are the most beautiful actresses in the industry at the moment.


sonam looks allways ....good in anamika khanna . lovely

she looks really nice and simple over here.

She luks gr8 in evry thng or i shd say evry thng suits her


wowwwwwwwww!!! sonam rocks!

Simply beautiful.......................................

too much make up

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