Sonam Kapoor Photoshoot

Sonam Kapoor Photoshoot 0
Sonam Kapoor Photoshoot 0

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Anonymous's picture

she is a superb model

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

LOVE THE GLASSES! SHE LOOKS VERY CLASSY.....She isn't really this pretty but in these photo shoots after being photoshopped and what not..she looks really good!

mee's picture


Anonymous's picture

love it
she looks stunning

Anonymous's picture

love the glasses look on her! shes just soo stylish! love it

megha's picture

beauty.One who dont like her, i think they lack fashion knowledge.

madhuri_dixit's picture

the only good pic is the one with the glasses...

sarahgaby's picture

I agree with BOLLYWOOD. there's something missing in her face

Maham's picture

she luks kinda nice...i esp like her in the last pic.

BOLLYWOOD's picture

there is something really unattractive about her..doesnt hold your attention for long.
i like the first pic tho'


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