Sridevi with family

If these photos are already posted, then i'm sorry

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Credits: Allthefunny

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They look so cute together!

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She shouldnt be throwing these pictures in our faces- i dont know how she conveniently forgot there is a broken family somewhere while she sits here.

wow nice faimly

Wed, 2011-06-08 21:58 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

Her daughter's are sooo lucky to have a mom like sridevi.....

come-on... aren't you lucky to have your mom? i wont trade my mom for a billion , trillion of sridevis !

Ravishing and divine Sri..I agree.

kalo liat foto you ,,,iam inget msih mudanya ,,saya krna saya pling suka liat film kmu


Must say,SriDevi is beautiful beautiful and very beautiful.

very beautiful picture

Her daughter's are sooo lucky to have a mom like sridevi.....

Boneyji and Sriji looks so happy together and their daughters also look very sweet,Sri is a timeless diva.

Sridevi looks really innocent and divine,ravishing lady.

sridevi is very beautiful,her family looks very happy.

Sridevi and Boney kapoor,A Lovely Couple.

Beautiful,The queen,shes soo amazing,look how great she gets along w/her kids,she must be a great mother compared to her own
Thank You soo much,can't stop looking at them

sridevi looks so beautiful!

Happy beautiful family with a beautiful mom and wife.

sri and boney looks great together,their daughters are good looking.

sridevi and boney kapoor's jodi looks so respectable and elegant,sridevi is truely beautiful.

Oh!Sridevi looks like her daughter's elder sister and she is so innocently beautiful,a happy sweet family album.Mindblowing sri.

Sridevi is a Home breaker....but then Boney kapoor ain't no saint...why blame only the lady...she was not married was this man, who was married and had kids....Its fair to blame both of them EQUALLY!

none of her daughter looks like her... though she has a cute family..awww adorable seems like they are really happy may God bless them

love the 1st pic... sridevi must be really happy to marry boney
hes seem a jolly man.... god bless her family

love sridevi


Sridev's elder daughter looks exactly like sridevi did from her early tamil movies!

Gr8 family pic. Both daughters look like their dad.
Just a thought that both Boney and Dharamendra have 2 daughters with their second wives.

Beautiful and complete Family Portrait :-)

awww..cute kids..the younger daughter is adorable

Who are all the actors? Anon? How many actoors you are talking about? There was one Mithun.

all the actors she had affairs with wernt willing to give up there wifeys so sridevi was left with this baldy bonny in the end hahaa silly woman

i love khouda gawah i love binazir i love badshah khan

SHe looks like she got a face lift her eyes are too tight looking. and her daughters are avg. definitely will go for surgery lol

awesome pics

we do not have the right to judge!!
lets just be happy for them!
after all Rabne banade Jodi !!

Please stop posting these Sridevi "family" pictures. This woman is a home breaker. When she was going through a bad phase, Boney and his wife stood by her, Mona (the wife) even invited her to stay in their home. And then discovered that these had been cheating her. It all came out and everyone knows this. Makes me sick! Even now, Boney only has contact with his son from the earlier marriage. Sri hates his girls so they dont get time with dad.

saggi123, you said it mate........

let them be, as some mentioned he might've not been happy in his first marriage..but if u are going to start judging then there is a long list from Hema Malini to a recently Shilpa n Amrita arora, it happens in bollywood meri jaan ;)

nice pice the sridevi with her family

Cute family - let them be Happy always!

well isnt it like the normal thing in bollywood to marry someone else' spouse?!??

Why are they so happy??? I feel sorry for the other children.. awwww :( Boney is a Suar!!!!!!

He found what.. dont blame them.. maybe he wasnt happy with his first wife.. dont judge or say u hate her for that. Judge urself b4 u judge others!

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 2009-02-27 23:47.

YES!!! he proposed to her and ran after her. why does society blame women?

I blame Boney Kapoor..he is the real culprit!

HOME WRECKER-- HOME WRECKER... Woman should know better.. someone said that before here.. Men are pigs - woman should know better

beautiful family..Enjoy

well,but we dont know wat was goin on in their marriage's rite?????it's jus that we assume that they were the reason but guys we dont know the exact facts so y slander them??????

hema malini wrecked dharmendra's marriage. can anyone prove he married hema malini? indians usually have that attitude of pretending to be conscientious and mindful of others but doing everything else under that pretense.

wonderful pics--but bad sridevi to wreck another happy family

she's just an evil woman who broke up a marriage

sri looks so BEAUTIFUL
i cant belieev she married that pig....he really does look like a little piggy hah

cute family

i think this is her new home @ chennai

I dont know but I just hate ladies like her who breaks homes...

nice houses noth. sri has good taste. interesting painting choice.

Jhanvi looks like the dad, Khushi more like mum.. I cant believe how Bonny and SriDevi got together - he was married, her mum passed away, i think during that time she was working on his film - they got close, he would console her..they fell in love, he left his wife, they married and now have 2 daughters...! She still looks like Chandni!

kids have beautiful eyes..Younger one is really cute..

elder daughter just like Sridevi in earlier days..she will also go for a nose job i guess..LOL

Sridevi looks so gorgeous in tht red sari.All pix r nice.

Aww very sweet photos..One Happy Family...

Great pictures! Good job

damn, she's so pretty even today!

Can't feel happy knowing that this came out of a broken marriage...and other children who lost their father

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