Sridevi with her daughters at LFW 2011

Sridevi's daughter look beautiful wearing Hervé Léger.

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Sreedevi is very stunning.

SRI is gorgeous.

It's scary to see when someone who almost 50 but trying to look like 20..... She should remember that. This kind of outfit not suitable with her age.... Sridevi seems forgot the words of 'House says GO and the grave says WELCOME!

Sridevi is beautiful.

With every single passing day Sridevi is becoming even more beautiful and sensuous.

Intensely hot Sridevi Mam.

I wonder that how Sridevi always manages to look so gorgeous.

Surely Makeup does wonders, here is a video of her recent visit to Tirumala. She surely looks good for 47 inspite of No makeup, but very different look

Beautiful mom with her beautiful daughters.

its a real stylish SRI.

the older daughtre look yuk! those dresses are made for desperate bollywood actressen not for 14 year old little girls!

I would have got a complex if i had a mom like SriDevi who is so young and so sexy.

Sridevi is stunningly brilliant.

SRI is looking great!

Oh Sridevi, please stop following the trends and stop trying to look like a sleek super model. Yes, that look works on people who are naturally built like that, and I personally love that look. You're charm though is your lovely round face, big eyes, and your curves, don't squash yourself in a dress like that.

how come my comments never get posted!!!!

Sreedevi is looking million dollars.

An adorable Srideviji.

Sridevi has got an exclusive figure.

Come on guys,why are you all criticizing this lovely lady?SRI is looking gorgeous.

Sreedevi is a tough competetion for all the young actresses,she is looking fab.

Sridevi is just WOW!

I don't understand that why Madhuri Dixit's fans visit Sridevi's pages and spend their time in writing negetive comments about her,this shows that they are suffering from inferiority complex in front of Sridevi's superiority.Sridevi is looking beautiful.

Sridevi is An Eternal Beauty.

You know what is really sad after having spent their entire life in Hindi movie industry, most of these women from down south still can't speak a sentence in proper Hindi.Except for the eternal beauty Rekha who speaks perfect Hindi.
Sridevi has always been a horrible public speaker anyway be it in Hindi or English for that matter.

p.s. Sredevi has lost it by going under the knife multiple times.

sridevi has a hideous nose..n her daughters r not pretty...sorry...

as always she can't go out without wearing her colored eye contacts.

it's "LOSE" lol

Those who are saying that Sreedevi is looking bad,they are just being fake out of sheer jelousy.Sreedevi is looking mesmerizingly stunning.


i wanna take sridevi's daughter for a date

Her elder daughter is 13 or 14 years old, and she is wearing a tight short dress out in public. What's next?

Nice mustache on the little one!

Ah, so what that means is that Sridevi and elder daughter Jhanvi have got their mustaches removed! :)

What image is Sri Devi trying to portray here exactly? Certainly not a healthy image.

it's "LOSE"

i dont think sridevi showed this much skin even during her acting days!!

as mother as daughter.

I wonder how much work Sri's older daughter has had done already? A few more years and I'm sure she'll get her nose done like her mother has!
A good way of telling how much cosmetic surgery a woman has had done is by looking at her young daughters and by no stretch of the imagination are they "lookers".....but they have good figures. I always feel that women or men come to think of it are cheating in some way when they have cosmetic surgery to enhance their it's not really them!

sorry, it's not LOOSER it's ''LOOSE'' lol

Wow Sridevi wow!

SriDevi is looking fabulous!

Sridevi has big feet! Fake contacts are soo passe. For a stylish woman, she should know better than that.

Not going to comment on the kids. Poor things. Don't deserve to be scrutinized by papparazzi and online critics.

her kids honestly dont have the same beauty when it comes to the face like their mom

At this age also Sridevi looks super cool and damn sexy.

sri devi is beautiful and gorgeous . daughters are not like her.

sridevi is getting the itch to show off her thighs legs bosom NOW is she tiring of BOney? to want to get
ogled by lechy industry men along with her daughters?

looks like she is already preparing her daughters for a career in bollywood.

love her daughters dresss!

Is it just me or do you also find it weird that moms these days encourage their daughters to wear clothes too sexy for their age? I understand if young women who are out of college, have a great career, want to party a night or two in a week who might wear mini-dresses or mini-skirts, but Sridevi's daughter's dress is way too short or no reason. She's still a minor.

she looks nice in the 1st pic but then her face looks weird in close up pics..shes an amazing actress but might hae to consider dressing her age now..

a 14 yr old should not be wearing a bandage dress! for one think shes a growth spurt or two shy of filling it up and second its not appropriate.

Shes too old a dress like that does not suit her!

wow sridevi luk DAM hot .........still this lady have charm

her elder daughter is cool

Nice from far...but far from nice

her older daughter is not yet a woman. wonder why sridevi allows her to wear such tight and revealing clothes. girls get teased in india even if they are covered head to toe. i wonder what perverted minds think when they see these pics...


her is growing up .we can say that she is next sonam kapoor

Did u knw tat sri devi doesnt ve light eyes but actually wears contacts... Like vidya n ash i guess

Why is the 13 Y.O wearing makeup, high-heels -- t

simply beautiful...

Wow both mother and daughter look awesome...

wow sridevi looking younger everytime i see her welcome back x

Another 2 years her daughter will be launched by her father in some lame film.

Her younger daughter needs to get rid of her moustache

Why is her early teens daughter dressed like a trashy starlet? tsk tsk Sri, no class, let the kid be a kid!

Whenever i see this girl,i fall in love with her and she is never the same,she is always new and better,Sridevi is sensuous.

sridevi is bringing sexy back.

Wow, Sridevi's such a modern mom, my mom wouldn't let me wear clothes that short (and I am 19!).



Sridevi is an ever gorgeous girl who never fails to shine brightly.

Sridevi is amazingly FRESH

I hope her daughter won't wreck someone else home like mother did.

Hardwork , since she was a child , beauty , fashion , way ahead of her time, can watch Chandni a million times and still would't get bored and coming from south and worked in telugu, tamil, kannada , malayalam , hindi films.....she did it all and can go oooooon abt her ..there is only one SRIDEVI in the industry of films...gorgeous career and her :)))

sridevi's face is looking wow!

Sridevi has got the best figure till date.

Hats off to you Mam Sreedevi.Very honestly there is no one on this earth who look half good as you look always.

Be it Indian wears or western wears,Srideviji Rokzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

SriDevi and Aishwarya Rai are the only and only actresses in Bollywood who keeps on experimenting with diferent types of dresses and overall looks,which is really good and SriDevi always manages to look smashingly gorgeous.

Hot mom with hot daughters.

Just look at this lady,she never seems to age,Sridevi is a magical woman who looks great great great in any situation and in any attire.

Sridevi is super sexy.

How old is her daughter men to be??!! what a mother, you can tell she's already getting them ready to be actresses, getting the skin show right! so sad!! look how short the little girls dress is.

Wow! Sridevi looks amazing!!

The younger one seems to be left behing always..poor thing!



Even she is wearing coloured contacts now! YUCK!

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