Sridevi & family at the IIFA Awards

Sridevi & family at the IIFA Awards. While I'm not fond of strapless blouses on saris, there's no denying that Sridevi looks great.

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Her contacts are soooo scary!!!!!!

Boney always be with his new daughters, but rarely seen, with the other 2 children

Gorgeous Sreedevi.

A very sweet family portrait,everybody looking nice and especially the mom looks majestic.

Omg she looks gorgeous...mind blowing...


Sridevi looks really great in any colour.

From the very top to the very bottom,SriDevi is too perfect.


Absolutely loving Sridevi and her whole look.

Some people can definitely hate Sridevi,but this lady is indeed one of the most lovliest ladies of India.

i dont like personaly strapless blouse personaly but ignoring that saree looks so nice on her and she carried of the bright color so well.And the people who say that dress your age,Just wanna say(not becoz actress but woman)in India traditional wear doesnt have any taboo of not wearing bright colors in 40s or early 50s.Lots of Indian wear comes in bright colors.I you guys see any indian ceremony(itsh nothere though) women do wear bright colors. Common she is not wearing pink teen t shirt with barbie accessories.

she needs to dress age appropriate now!

@ Mon, 2012-06-11 11:19 — Anonymous
She has millions of fans around the world. You seem to not now much about you?..she is th eLast Empress of Bollywood!

lol man she needs better colored contacts, her eyes make her look like one of the vampire Cullens of twilight!

looks like we have some obessed old uncle ji and aunty ji's flooding in pro-sridevi comments, I am quite sure sri's daughter and her mates are definitely on PV flooding in comments....

For a woman of 50 she looks very good. But strapless top? FAIL. Contact lenses? FAIL. And sorry that nose is just ruined and thus it ruined her face.

Sun, 2012-06-10 08:19 — Anonymous

dress your age lady


lol true

One thing i love about SriDevi is that,she never dresses outdated or never repeats her looks,clothes and styles.She is always very fresh.


what a beautiful saree!! But Only Sridevi can carry off this colour saree...

i dont see the magic in sridevi..dont think she's all that anymore..before surgery she looked better

lol 4th photo from top...reminded me of the Nagina.......just look at the eyes....

Sridevi, should know better than to set up a bad example for her daughters. They are very yound and vulnerable now, she ought to dress them like little girls should be dressed.Clothes can be stylish too without exposure. She who has been exploited by her family since the age of five should know better.

Lovely Sriji.

Each time i see this lady,she is even more younger,toned,sexier,classier,etc.Sridevi is truely glowing with beauty.

she's too old to wear a strapless blouse!!!

agree with anonymous below.. why she dresses up her daughters like adults and try to show them off. She should know better.

I just love this family,always in perfect style and grace,no extra show-off or stary airs,etc.This family looks so dignified and just drooling over the fact that how beautiful Sridevi is looking here.

As lovely as ever,Sridevi mam.

Best line ever from previous comment: Age goes up, clothes go down. Also agree like how SRK lets his kids be kids

sridevi is glowing

sridevi still Loook lovely ..

sridevi daughter is cute ../but her legs is very boyish lol

I love the sari, specially the color and the bright details on it! The strapless blouses are not a problem for me but it doesn't suits to a old chubby and BUSTY women like her!! :// and WTF is with her daughter and her obsession to wear mini dresses ALL THE FREAKING TIME??? It's IIFA not a night club!!! I'm sure Sri is behind of this. She has skinny chicken legs. The blue dress no comments! lol

So many other celebs have kids but they don't take them to any red carpet events. There's nothing wrong with bringing your kids with you to a trip abroad but get them to do something age appropriate. There are also tons of girls who want to dress up and walk red carpets but it doesn't mean that they should even if they want to join the film industry.

sridevi looks younger and more gorgeous than Aishwarya who seems to have lost the plot

Her daughter looks really cute but not as beautiful as their mother.

Sridevi is a living legend. She looks pretty here facewise but dont like the color of the saree.

dress your age lady

BEAUTY BEAUTY BEAUTY.............................................A TRUELY BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IS SREEDEVI.

Maybe Sridevi likes to show her daughters dressed up well and looking good all the time.. It's a personal choice deifnitely, but it very desperately feels like she's showing them off at every event. It would be more nice if she talked about them and mentioned there future plans to make it clear whether these girls want to be actresses or not. Both the girls have good hair, but I would like it if they tied their hair up, coz they look young, so it's trying to act very grown up... In such a way, I like how SRK lets his kids be kids and does not care how they look.. let's them be what they want to be

age goes up, cloths goes down

Your beti is very beautiful

Smashing. What an amazing solid yellow color. Not all yellows can cut it on a person but this shade looks good on her and I love it. And I have said this on every Sridevi post with pics of her older daughter - I love this girl!

I just love Sreedevi's features,they are so feminine and dignified,she is a personified beauty.

Must admit,there is no one in the whole Bollywood who s more graceful than Sridevi,truely very very beautiful.

Sri looks gorgeous, as she usually does. But her contacts look scary. And her daughters are divas in the making. I'm not a fan of young girls wearing such short things, but it's their choice.

Sridevi is beautiful
Jhanvi will make it really big in Bollywood mark my word she is really attractive


her arms and the area above chest which is not covered by the blouse looks very aged.So this saree was just not appropriate

first time sridevi's daughter looking better than her

sorry to say but the mose gorgeous looking sridevi is looking quite bad in this saree..especially with that kinda blouse.Its not appropriate for the age.She's looking old.

She looks much better than her last year IIFA looks

Speechlessly beautiful Srideviji.

The most stylish family of Bollywood,Sreedevi is looking like an angel.

My goodness,i just can't imagine the fact that how good a mother of two children can look and that too at this age.Sridevi,you rok gal.

Lovely lovely lovely..............................................Sridevi.

Just one word for The Sreedevi,DIVINE.

Umm, Jhanvi has great legs .
Sridevi's strapless blouse is not working .

Beauty! Where is THE first look of her film?!

Everything about this look is perfect the make-up, the styling and the hair... so much so that even the colour looks great on her. Sri is equal to Perfection!!!

Can this woman look anymore beautiful ? WOW JUST WOW!

I love you Sri

Eat your hearts out haters!!! Our Sridevi is out of this world :D

Sridevi looks GORGEOUS..She is amazing, she never disappoints!!

I want this Saree....where can I find it??

Gorgeous...just love her n her saree...

She looks mind blowing.....

Sridevi looks the best of all...

When you have a teenage daughter standing next to you who's reasonably attractive, and you still end up stealing the show--you know you're a stunnerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Sridevi looks SMOKING!!


Is that a sleeveless blouse she's wearing!? Why is everyone desecrating the saree at the iifas? Also contact lenses! Sridevi you should know better.

She looks so beautiful, just out of this world

sridevi looks really glamorous. but the contacts are scary

Only she can pull of this kinda sari at this age
her face looks so international here :)

Only Sridevi can choose such a winning look....RAVISHING

The colour of the saree is looking great on her.

who is sridevi in this LOL LOL

wheres Sri?

Which one is Sridevi?

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