Stars & their Not So Famous Siblings

Credits: Various

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Between Zayed and his sis who is supposed to be the famous one?

Just get priyanka's brother's eyebrows plucked and put a long hair wig on him and he'll look like a replica of priyanka

oooh sush's bro - me likey
rani and hrithik - well i guess the good looks genes only went to one sibling
priyanka looks exactly like her bro except in the female form, its strange

wow they ALL are weird
and look NOTHING like their celeb sis/bro

priyanka's bro ..... O.o
and hrithik's sis is also .......

ALL these star kids w/ famous surnames act all that like hrithik ranbir
but if they came to USA or UK they will be the laughing stocks xD xD xD

i wanted to see if neha dhupia had also some ??

shahrukh khan sister looks just like him...

Kat sis and Vivek obri sister and ranbir kapoor sister look the best of all siblings.

katrinas sister reminds me of Cher..

sushmita's brother is handsome

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great post bubbles

celina's brother is in the army?! nice looking man!

@ anonymoys on wed, 2008-03-05 08:56... i was thinking the same thing!

by the way, these are all such beautiful people!

why is abhishek looking at his sister's boobs?

i cant believe you people...why are you getting mad at Anonymous on Mon, 2008-03-03 08:02

yes okay that comment was cruel but all you people that are getting mad at that person...all you "good" people out there dont say that you have not spoken shit about people...dont you guys critize aishwariya rai because shes beautful and gets attention? dont you guys critizize kareena kapoor because peopel say she has a fat face? and even more now because she lost weight and shes looking good..dont you guys critize sonam kapoor because some people think her teeth are screwed up and because shes anil kapoors daughter? dont you guys critize trishala dutt because she used to be chubby? and even more now becsuse she lost weight and people say that shes such a spoiled brat who gets whatever she wants?

everyone talks shit about everybody weather your someone like anil kapoors daughter, sanjay dutts daughter freakin shahrukh khans daughter, these people are in the limelight and people will always talk. and all you people that are saying that comment was cruel, yes it was cruel but you guys are noone to even talk!!

Anonymous on Mon, 2008-03-03 08:02 --- what you said was not good at was very mean but i can understand why you critized these people..its human nature...although i dont agree with you i do understand why you probably did it.

and the rest of you people...just forget it and move on!! you guys also critizize so what the hell is your problem???

thanks gwen77 for pointing out the ridiculous comments made by Anonymous on Mon, 2008-03-03 08:02. Anonymous needs to get a life, I'm sure they're far from being perfect themselves!

wots ur defination of glowing man? anyone can glow with makeup on! u just need some liquid foundition and SHIMMER ON UR CHEEKS! u actually think that glow on her cheeks was natural?

Riddhima is so gorgeous!! I caught her on Filmfare awards last night on SOny and that girl just GLOWS!!! Her skin is as flawless as her features and she looks far classier than either Karisma or Kareena.

Hrithik's sister Sunaina has been battling cervical cancer since Sept last year.

Vivek's sister looks good.

look at Riddhima,she is just sooo lovely.Lovelier than her kapoor sister cousins!!!!

BOLLYWOOD, how do you know that Shehnaaz is one of the nicest human beings on earth? ..just curious..

thats his sis of the nicest human beings on earth

semmi dont u know the maning of "siblings". comon, for the loveof god. ppl make suh stupid posts. and i agree with u gwen77 about the anon being cruel.

whu iz wid SRK.......??

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 2008-03-03 08:02...thats a very cruel way of analysing these people: some of them are not even involved in the showbiz business so it isnt even their job to look good...

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great post! had never seen some of them before.

viveks sister looks exactly like him.
hrithiks sister is a fat cross eyed big women
ranbirs sister has such a fat face
priyankas brother has a deformed nose and is just plain fat
ranis brother is a fatty just like rani..(no surprise there)
shahrukhs some of you know isnt mentally stable soo she is excused...they look very sweet together anyway....

and the rest are watever...fine i guess

great post!! im sure i have seen vivek oberoi's sister before somewhere on tv..

wow! sushmitas brother is handsome and tall

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