Sushmita Sen leaves with her kids after the Vero Moda show

Sushmita leaves with her kids after the Vero Moda show

Credits: pinkvilla

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She looks so sweet with her kid!

amir khan is hte only celebrity I've seen using a car seat for his baby...

Beautiful! She looks like she is in her early 20s! Wish her all the best!

Lucky kid...

MAA bhi na

she is a nice actress

i like her thin legs

@ Sun, 2010-10-24 14:02 — Anonymous
for the people that thinks like you, is that many accidents happen. Even if you are only going two blocks away you must wear the seat belt, you might be the most careful driver of the world but you never know when someone drunk or high on drugs will hit you. Even in filthy roads full of cows roaming around you must be careful

the baby is sooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeee shes soo adorableeee awwwww

Sun, 2010-10-24 14:02 — Anonymous
excuse even if you drive 30kmh, it is dangerours for babies

to people complaining about seat belts, did you ever drive in india, they drive so slowly and use breaks more than gas pedal. but coming back, sushmita is a truly a good role model and she looks very happy with the kids.

Don't know what to make of these pictures. Sushmita looks a total mess with that dress and hair and no make up and driving around with her adoptive girl children all over the fashion town and gets photographed left right and center. What does all this mean? She surely is our desi Angelina and nevermind, its none of my business. Each to his/her own. Just hope those kids grow up to be stable adults.

in my country is ilegal having a less than 8 years old sit on front seat, i guess in india they can do whatever they want

she has flawless skin mashallah

She seems like a lovely lady!!!

she is fab..her skin is shinning without make up n got sexy bong eyes

Is in India no child safety regulations. that is not good. children are supposed to sit in a baby seat in the car. that's sad. very dangerous. sushmita should be a role model for child safety and not only for adopting babies.

WTH she is in the front seat with a young baby where is the car seat or seat belt!!!!

Is there no such things as car seats and seat belts in India????? If the ordinary people don't pay attention atleast the celebrities should!!!!!

wow she loves her kids so much takes them with her ...........hats off 2 u my dear sush

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