Sushmita Sen's Photoshoot For Cosmopolitan India October issue

Event,Sushmita Sen Photoshoot For Cosmopolitan IndiaEvent,Sushmita Sen Photoshoot For Cosmopolitan IndiaEvent,Sushmita Sen Photoshoot For Cosmopolitan India
Event,Sushmita Sen Photoshoot For Cosmopolitan India

Here is Sushmita Sen's Photoshoot for Cosmopolitan India's October issue.

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why doesnt she do more photoshoots? the looks gorgeous!

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she is beautiful but last picture so fake .

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sooooooooooooooooo beautiful.

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what. a. woman.

love the second expression

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1 and 3 pic is hot!!

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Meh... Why she doing all these catwalks and photo shoots all of a sudden. Given up acting?

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Is that 1st pic is final pose or is she still busy adjusting herself to give a required pose..What kind of pose is this?? The other 2 I don't even wanna talk about 'em..What a waste of such beauty sad :(

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The last picture doesn't even look like her!

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Her face looks weird here...either its the way she is sucking her nose,mouth,cheeks in or the bad photo shop.

Her dresses remind me of the 70s Zeenat Aman.

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The 1st one looks like she was getting into a pose and the clicked the picture when she wasn't ready.

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