Sushmita spotted with her adopted daughter Alisah at Durga pooja

Wow, adorable. God bless Sush and her 2 daughters. Sush looks lovely sans makeup.

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Credits: pv

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god bless her

kudos to her for all she has done for her daughters..

A beautiful woman inside out!!
In true sense she is the miss universe :)

She is so down to earth and real,,, no false pretences and rehearsed speech like you know who! Love love love her

Why can't you just say daughter instead of adopted daughter ?

iam a huge fan of sushmita sen frm kid she is having a good women power sush iam crazy about u plz com to hyderabad at once bcuz i wanna meet u plz dont marry any 1 u can marry me i wiil always wait 4 u

a true miss universe..lived up to her title

She is THE most real of this merky industry. No fake accent, over the top diplomatic or traditional..not trying to please anybody and live her life. Assumes her mistake and no pretence.. I wish I could convey to her that she is very strong to break all norms and hold her head high in a society where judging people is far too common.. Good on you Sush!

Sushmita is a true rock star!!! she's so inspirational... what a strong woman. to be able to bring up two girls like that takes courage by all means. She living life out of the norms (especially in place like India) which is fierce and full of awesomeness. Young girl and oldre should look up to this real Ms. Universe.
Btw the baby is sooooo cute!

OMG that baby is adorable! Blessings on Sush and her girls.

everyone praising her for her personality. Sleeping around with married men is a great thing, huh?

Adopting a child (not one but two in Sush's case) and giving a home, love and shelter to a child that is not your own blood and who would otherwise be an orphan, is one of the noblest most wonderful things you can do in your life. And that too, Sush adopted not because she had been married several years, was old and not conceiving. She is only 32 and she adopted Renee so long ago while in her mid-20s and not as a last option because she was infertile or something. She did something so wonderful - she truly is an inpirational woman of substance who walks the walk, not just lip service. She has no pretensions, doesn't try to act overly diplomatic and mysterious, lives her life wihout pretending to act traditional to the media...she is just so real and genuine and from all the stars in bollywood she is one of the most outstanding.

gorgeous family

wow.. nice!!!

A child is a blessing, adopted or genetic.

Happy Navatri !

oooooooooo... the baby is really Pretty, she is going to grow up into one beautiful girl, got very beautiful eyes and nice facial features!!

Now thats one beauty queen who's beautiful on the inside too. :-)

In Indian traffic, you can't go more than 20 mph so the carseat thing doesn't matter as much.

Aww, beautiful baby. Sush is the Indian Jolie.
I don't like the kids' firangi names though.

Alisah looks like her real daughter. Reena doesn't. Yes , I know their both adopted.

truly a beautiful, humble & strong woman! god bless her & her 2 daughters

a real miss universe.

love sush but come on, alisah belongs in a carseat and needs to be at the BACK of the car. very very bad example carrying a kid int he front seat its the most dangerous place for them. but sush looks gorgeous, she is glowing as a mom and she is such an amazing person, i respect her the most from all the celebs in bollywood

first of all stop dumbo, she is sushmita sens daughter. why do indians have to always identify as ADOPTED daughter. you will always see in the west. celeb kids are referred to as their son or daughter. you don't have to prefix ADOPTED in front of it. that is highly insulting.
anyway aside from that she looks stunning and amazin with minimal to no makeup. you can see she came here with genuine reasons for her kids. i am contrasting this to rani yesterday who came all dressed up in designer stuff and film-perfect makeup all ready for a photo-op instead of being their for a puja. sush looks so much lovelier and genuine in her simple avatar

i have yet to see a gorgeous women like her in bollywood - inside and out...shes international material and should be discovered by the world...shes got style, face, and personality to boot...

so cute baby...i love sushmita character and personality..
she is powerful woman..

she does look so pretty without make that's true beauty

Renne is ditto copy of Kiran rao..Amair's wife

how cute...that man in the 2nd pic looks like Rishi Kapoor!!

Wow and god bless!

Wow, she is so so gorgeous without makeup, This is one beautiful women. She is beautifull internally and externally, i saw other celebrities wearing sunglasses to mandhir.


ella se ve tan llena de amor sosteniendo entre susu brazos a su hija

Just beautiful!

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