Sussanne Khan with sisters

Sussanne Khan with sisters 0
Sussanne Khan with sisters 0

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Anonymous's picture

Simone is the prettiest.

Afghan_babe's picture

They all look a like

DancingRani's picture

hahahaha Anonymous on Tue, 2009-04-28 16:31 a Hrithik is from a filmly family he was never nobody. ;)

the photo with the 4 girls is nice

Anonymous's picture

When Suzzane married Hritik he was nothing n she belongs to a very well to do n rich family.May be things have changes after Hritik's stardom but she is still the same.And yes she is with him in spite of his affair with bit** Kareena.She is a lovely lady.

Deewani's picture

Simone & Suzanne both look really pretty in the 1st pic.

snehasingh's picture

suzzan looks horible . she is only fair. common no features. wt did hrirthik see. and he said in semigaruwal show . she looks like angel she looks yaki. shit.

sabeena's picture

thanx himanshi

Shazia's picture

the one above suzannes head is the most nice looking,then suzanne then the one on left and lastly dj aqeel wife.

himanshi's picture

the 2nd pic
the one in black is LAILA KHAN (fardeen khan's sister)
the one is pink is FARAH KHAN (zayed's sis n dj aqeel's wife)
the one in red is SUSSANNE KHAN (zayed's sis n hrithik's wife )
the one in white is SIMONE KHAN (zayed's sis)

sabeena's picture

can somebody tell their names.

noove's picture

they look like each other


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