Suzanne with sons Hridhaan and Hrehaan celebrate ganpati festival

How cute!. Also spotted is Hrithik sister Sunaina with her husband, her daughter suranika, rakesh roshan, pinky roshan and rajesh roshan and family.

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Credits: pv

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OMG hrithik nd suzzana's kids are soooooooo cute nd adorable....i m pretty sure in da near future dey r gonn a rock da industry nd r gonna make da girls go weak on dere knees just da way dere dad did

very Nice pics.......

she is under-nutriotioned for sure

she is under-nutriotioned for sure

love you suzzane but all i hate is your face which in focuses seems to be de-shaping..............

She looks so much better in jeans. Hair swept back minimal make-up, actually looks younger.

awww soo cute!!! very handsome kids....the little one looks like chachu zayed khan!!

awww in the first pic mom and son are wearing the same chappal. green boots are funny lol

kids r so cute n suzzane looks sweet too. entire roshan family is a v nice family.

pretty sussane..

pretty sussane..

How CUTE are both the kids. :)

To that venomous anonymous, GO out of the door. For you kind info, that lady was his hair stylist and U should get a life. Maybe your life is a sham too.

Mon, 2010-09-13 18:55 — Anonymous Agree with U...ppl with so much negativity and spreading rumors are harmful & dangerous...Just remember, what's goes around, comes can hurt U instead...Be Positive & helps in life.

Read this article and you will know that Hrithik was on his way to Cario and stopped at Dubai airport with his hair stylist .The annon who mentioned that Hrithik was with some chick and his and Sussanne's marriage is just a sham .

Read this article

To the annon @ Mon, 2010-09-13 00:52

That girl with Hrithik in Dubai is his hair stylist -how easily you spoil a person's image ,Hrithik-Sussanne are the most happily married couples in Btown .

Its the people like you who have nothing better to do in life and start spreading false news about them .
Seriously you should be ashamed to spreading such news just to grab attention .

Awww how cute are Hrithik's sons !!
Btw Sussanne looks nice too :)

Cute babies. Where is Hrithik?

No point now. She has lost Hrithik to some beautiful girl. I saw them in Dubai- that girl looks like a model. Dont be fooled- their marraige is just a sham like everyone elses.

Suzanne needs to eat something


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