Tall but FLOP actresses

Is it true that tall actresses really can't make it big in Bollywood. Except for Sridevi none of the actresses who were/are too tall are much in demand and don't get many films to sign. They end up saying that they are waiting for good roles and saying no to many scripts but in reality we all know that they aren't getting any films. Heres a list of some tall actresses who couldn't make it big and some who won't. We have seen Tabu and Sushmita not getting any good films with top actors and now Sonam is rejected by every director. Poor tall, lanky actresses.

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Sushmita is NOT a flop actress!! How can u even say that?? She is fantastic!!

SHE IS NOT A FLOP ACTRESS, than what is she?

Height has really no connection with one`s acting prowess. But it is true that girls when become very tall,especially above 5'9'', don`t look good, and we all know it very well that it is very important to look good in front of camera especially for a heroine nowadays, when they don`t get to act much but only to show her physical beauty. But if one`s tall height is covered up with a good body structure then I don`t think that the height will be a problem. When you get a good structure,you don`t look that tall, you see Katrina,Anushka,Bipasha,all are between 5'8'' approx. but are they not getting good roles?Besides these actresses,nowadays, many actresses are entering into bollywood who all are pretty tall. But some actresses are lucky enough to get big offers inspite of possessing a bit lanky and leggy structure,the prominent example of which is today`s hit and well established bollywood actress Deepika Padukone.When she stands in front of the camera, she looks extremely tall unlike other actresses who are equally tall, but is her career facing any jolt due to this?The answer is no. And you see there is a big difference between 5'6'' and 5'8''or 5'9''. An actress of height 5'6'' looks absolutely perfect in front of the camera, she cannot be considered tall for movies with this height. But if she is taller by 2-3 inches she is considered tall enough for movies.Raveena Tandon, Priyanka Chopra and others whose names you all have mentioned here are not more than 5'6'' or 5'6.5'', and so they cannot be considered tall for movies. Actresses of height between 5'5'' and 5'6'' are tall in real life but they cannot be considered tall for silver screen.To be called tall for silver screen, a greater height is required.A girl of 5'2'' does not look short in real life but in front of silver screen, she evidently looks short.Nowadays, to get good roles in movies or simply to get roles in movies, height has become a really important factor.A minimum height of 5'4'' is required to do the leading role in a movie nowadays. The corresponding silver screen height is 2-3 inches more than that outside silver sreen. Todays film and television industry are dominated by tall, extremely tall actresses, most of whom are not less than a minimum of 5 feet 5 inches.So I think that it is not time to feel pity for the tall ones but for the short ones who inspite of having good acting skills are suffering major set-backs in the film industry and are losing the competition to giant actresses who don't really know to act.

I don't think this is right Tabu had had her share of good times Sonam needs the right script. Deepika.is good. How can you forget bipasha and sushmitha shilpa they have done good.

i dont think that it is right to judge sonam's career after just 1 film. I also dont think that Tabu and Sushimeta are flop actresses.

shridevi was tall and so were her costars like jitender and amitabh. why is everyone rejecting sonam? tell me? isn't it because of height? why would yash chopra reject sonam and select a shorter girl?

ok first wtf is a PADH?! anyways, its not their fault that bolly actors are short...blame it on the guys once man!

aren't you forgetting that Aish is a tall actress? Priyanka? Deepika? Raveena??
and Sridevi wasn't tall.

if sonam puts on weight she will look like this tabu lol

how can you say she is a flop wid just one film neways i didnt know sheridevi was tall and deepika is tall.

what happen to tabu's boobs!!!! ha ha hhaaaaaa!!!!

will sonam be fine making a place like sushmita and tabu? doesn't sonam want to work with top heros? most top actors refused to work with tabu because of her lanky figure. will the same happen to sonam? i don't see anyone signing her.

sonam just started how is she a flop..that a stupid thing to say, tabu has her own place and sushmita is working on producing films under her own banner...

she is a floppy ploppy padh

Excuse me,Tabu is not a flop in anyway,she's a great actress and has a place of her own in Bollywood.

Yukta Mookhey, Diana Hayden are also very tall.

talid a.k.a sonam, no wonder ranbir dumped you and other directors threw u out. u stink babes.

you are always doing padh at home because you are jobless lol lol

Tabu is not a flop actress

I feel like doing a padh!!

Sonam is only one film old, and she has an upcoming film Dili 6 by the same maker as Rang De Basanti, so she shouldn't be written off too quickly...

Sonam is only one film old, and she has an upcoming film Dili 6 by the same maker as Rang De Basanti, so she shouldn't be written off too quickly...


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