Tara Sharma's Wedding Pic

Hi guys, I could only find one picture. If someone else can find more, please post:)

Credits: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/2567309.cms

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WOw!! lovely wedding and beatiful couple...

when did she get married

she's busy co-hosting a children's program in the UK....i've seen...it's quite terrible...she's playing the typical indian princess role...oh well..

page-3 gal congratulations//...........

Who is Tara Sharma? Dont know her! Plz help. Thx

shes not that popular

pretty young n cute lookin couple

this is some news. i hope this is not a quickie... last i heard she was dating akshaye...

didnt she just break up with akshay khanna

BOLLYWOOD, his name is Roopak Saluja. Apparently, he was in the movie Marigold, with Salman.

hey bubbles any idea who the guy is!
tara sharma is so skinny..and her voice! the least said the better
anyhow may god bless her with marital bliss

i had no idea that she got married

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