Trishala Dutt's new twitter photo

Here are Trishala's pictures from Twitter. She is Sanjay Dutt's daughter from his first marriage. She is Gorgeous. Isn't she?

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Credits: Twitter

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Instagram! you should def add her, she is soooo beautiful and SWEET!!! love you trish

She's 100% indian??? She looks like a mix!

what a beauty!

trishala looks beautiful with black hair AND blonde hair. I agree she doesn't look indian at all, she looks afghani or persian

Looks middleeastern, doesn't she? If she gets rid of that blond hair, i think she might be pretty..

she's pretty

GOD BLESS YOU MS. DUTT YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! thank you for replying to my tweet today!!!! I will be buying your line when you release it!!! I can't wait! you are so fashionable, creative, & artistic! i love you!! I'm such a huge fan!!!

her skin is flawless! makeup or not, you can tell she has a good skin care regime

She looks like Nargis and she is one of the sweetest people ever! But I wish she would be more natural without that blonde hair and heavy makeup.

She replied to both of my tweets yesterday and I freaked out! :) She's beautiful and sweet, MashAllah! And I love her twin baby step siblings!

MashAllah!!!!!!!!! shes so fair and pretty! loving the blonde hair and smokey eyes

I met Trishala once. She was the most beautiful human being I ever met..she lost so much weight and she doesn't even wear that much makeup. This must have been for an event or something..she is so pretty humble and sweet. and she can rock that hair color! She looks beautiful with it

She stated this picture was taken for a Halloween party. Hence the heavey makeup. You girls have to control your mouths. Too much jealousy is not good.

GORGEOUS! I wish I could pull off blonde hair :(

i dont get it, she wants to be an actress, why cant she ?? ssanjay shud let her be an actress, i mean comon, who dsnt want to get fans and movies ??

I like her mole...models have them :)

@ Tue, 2012-11-06 12:42 — Anonymous
She has her grandmother Nargis' facecut

I thought the same thing.
Dark hair looks better on her

She's gorgeous, definitely got the look! Sanjay Dutt is not so good looking, but he has beautiful children.

GUYS! if you follow her on twitter or Instagram you will know that this picture was taken for a HALLOWEEN party!!! duhhhh nobody wears that much makeup in real life. Follow her! her pictures are AWESOME and she's so prettttyyyy and extremely sweet. She is very gorgeous.

Hard to believe this is trishala! No resemblance to what I have seen of her a few years ago!
If she really is, a big change and lots of weight loss. Great for her!

pre-mid life crisis???

I thought the same

not cute at all

what she wanted to be an actress....lmao....lmao...

she looks bad...not at all heroine saved her in reality....

she is beautiful, kind, and likeable. she is the only star kid i like of this generation. i do see a little "kardashian" in her except she is much more beautiful!

@Tue, 2012-11-06 14:44 — Anonymous: so well said! he can use as many girls as he want, but nobody dare do the same with his daughter (not that anyone would do such a thing to a sweet girl like her). i hope she joins films...don't know why her father isn't open-minded about it. such a double standard. it's so weird how he is doing films opposite his daughter's age. shameless. i wonder what trishala thinks about this. doesn't she and his wife tell him not to do such things? he is making a fool out of himself.

Ya whatever

she is probably the only star kid in this generation that i actually like. wonder why her father isn't open-minded about her doing films. double standard. it's also weird to see him opposite girls his own daughter's age. i wonder what trishala thinks. i do see a "kardashian" in her, except she is much prettier! she is a likeable girl...hope she makes it big!


she looks like her grandmom Nargis

She Looks alittle like Ekta Kapoor, but then she looks like Khloe Kardashian as well.

Male Chauvinist Dad didn't let her have a career in Bollywood....because he was worried men would take advantage of her like he did of many young ladies. The gangster.

wow she actually looks good with blonde hair


She looks like a white girl.

she looks like khole kardashian :)

pre-mid life crisis???

She kinda reminds me of Amrita Singh and khole kardashion!

Trish is cute!

Love the smokey eye.

She has her grandmother Nargis' facecut

She looks like Khloe Kardashian!

she looks great! the first desi person i've seen who can rock blond hair... and she's pretty!

looking like middle aged housewives of new jersey
although I don't agree with you cause those "real" housewives with their fake orange tan are on a different level, but your comment made me laugh!

growing up without any parents must be so tough. she is a strong girl.

naturally she is very pretty, but the make up and hair kinda makes her look trashy :/

IF this is actually Trishala, she has lost a lot of weight from her earlier pictures... too much make-up though

nopes she is not !

no she is not

She's looks like any other young adult. Let's not go crazy. She's just a kid playing on twitter.

go less on the makeup trishala. u r still young

shes pretty!

she is lovely.

Why is she always so heavily made up? Meh.

i have a mole like her son the exact same spot. if i had the money i would so remove it.

looking like middle aged housewives of new jersey

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