Vidya Balan at Esha's wedding reception

Vidya Balan at Esha's wedding reception


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I like her classy elegant style. I hope she keeps it .

@ano 2012-08-10 05:03
Dude!! Which world do u live in ha??? KAHAANI ws a superhit film! It did extrmely brilliant biz in India as well as in international mrkts. This film was critically acclaimed nd loved by the public also.. It ws made on the budget of rs. 8 crores bt it did the business of rs 104 crores . All thanx to Vidya Balan. Kahaani ws a blockbuster both critically nd comercially..

I know that The Dirty Picture was a hit at the Box Office with critical acclaim as well, but for me the movie where she really stands out is Kahaani. I don't think it did well in Bollywood because I never heard of its release or any mention of it, but damn she was so good in that movie. Once again, it was a woman-centric role where the film was on her shoulders for her performance to carry it and she did just that with panache. She is the revelation that Bollywood desperately needed. After that the best of the best, such as Kajol, Rani, Madhuri, Juhi, are seldom seen on the screens, indian cinema went through a drought until she showed up. Now all of you Ash's fans, and Deepika, Priyanka fans etc, I don't have anything against those girls, just feel like they are not as strong as the other aforementioned actresses:)

Vidya Blan is looking her usual best-Horrible!

Vidya rocks that purple alright. She stuck to her usual "old world" styke, but oh well. She looks elegant and classy here.

She looks beautiful and she's dressed appropriately for the event... she looks radiant in that pretty purple colour.

she will be known as the aunty actress ...


She needs to change her style...wearing sari all the time and on top of that same type of sari is making her seem boring.

She looks as if she's lost weight. Looking good Vidya!

She looks soooooooooo old!!!

She can do no wrong because she knows what fits her and she sticks to that.

Vidya looks beautiful as always

When ppl like Katrina entered btown ,i thought bollwywood is going down the drain.I like Kat for her beauty n body. BUT I am a movie buff who watches all kinds of moves and appreciates good movies n actors.
Its only ppl like Vidya and Aamir who give us hope..And even Srk n Salman run on fanbase only.

beautiful saree...
vidya is lookin very elegent...
thumbs for that..


Beautiful and classy ! And super elegant!

OMG she looks at least 45. Her dressing and makeup sense is awful.

The same usual vidya sarees.Boring ! Time to move on.


Beautiful Saree ... Beautiful Vidya

@bollywood lover exactly my thoughts ... vidya is FAB actress and thats all that matters.

Stunning or what?

Vidya,you missed the day where guests wore Kanjeevarum sari's. At least you could have worn different outfit on this occasion

How will people remember Vidya 10-20yrs from now as an actress who carried movies like TDP & Kahaani or her shoulders or a disaster in fashion?

I think she has stopped trying. She knows the saree look works on her, so she goes with it. To get something right, there’s always a 50/50 chance.

Yes you need fashion sense in this industry but with a talented actress like vidya, who cares. she rocks on screen & thats all that should really matter. I think there's enough actress in BW who are going to be known as fashionable actress but very few that will be remembered as an actress who could actually act.

She looks nice, BUT I wish she would take advantage of her YOUTH AND FAME ! This time is never going to come back, and she will regret dressing so safe like this when she's 50.

In know this look is kinda same ol same ol but it's really suiting the occasion ! VB looking nice :)

ya very boring . Nothing special :|

oh gosh Vidya Aunty, she is in her 30's but always comes across as one old aunty. Miss 30 going on 60.
@ boring, I conquer n very overrated.

When will she step out of her Aunty ji look ? She is not setting a trend she should know. Uff !

Lovely! Its a traditonal kanjeevaram,how is it boring?

Lovely, although the look ages her.

Although the color is good, Vidya should have chosen a better saree.
The saree she wore is what most south Inidan granny's chose to wear.
There are such good and new designs coming up in Kancheevaram's..... not sure why Vidya choses some very bad ones. I am not asking her to wear the flashy sort of sarees that Rekha wears...... but may be should learn from Hema Malini or Sridevi, who have very good taste for south Indian sarees or sareees in general.

vidya looking older than hema ... hema looks very beautiful


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