Vinod Khanna with wife at Nandita Mahtani's brother Bharat's wedding reception

wow! finally an old actor with white hairs! he was my favourite one..btw it's funny to remember that when i was little i had a crush on him hehehe! BTW do someone know if he had an lifetime achievement award??

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Credits: pinkvilla

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It's his second wife..surprised abt akshaye khanna being gay,but at least he is not cheap like Karan Zohar,n better than Tusshar n Manish Malhotra

That's his wife?! She looks 25 years younger than him!

I'm totally imagining a lot of people going up to their nana nani dada dadi 's and saying "You aren't aging too gracefully, tsk tsk." LOL!

Get a grip Pink Villa critics. Vinod Khanna has aged gracefully this is how normal people minus surgeries and botox age.

He has a regal aire to him which is very attractive.

Vinod Khanna has aged so gracefully, he is full of personality unlike Dharmendra and other actors who are expressionless and can barely speak!

Yes Akshay Khanna and Anil Kapoor are an item. Don't know who is the top or the bottom. I think Akshay may be the bottom.

lady satya sai baba!!!!!

well he has aged well i think. i dont know why people think he hasnt...if this isnt ageing well dont know what is! anyway he still has that charm he had ages ago. i love rahul khanna i think he looks more like geetanjali and akshay looks more like vinod

is akshay khanna gay? i read that somewhere.

Geetanjali, A maharashtrian model, is his first wife.

oh man i was so in love with vinod

now, that is how you wear a saree :).

Blimey what happen to him! That mustache does not suit him.

Her name is Kavita . She is his second wife and she is noth mother to Akshya and rahul's mom! She has two kids with him.

He used to be a really hot young man. did not age well.

is that akshayes mum??

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