Vivek Oberoi wedding pictures - First photos after marriage at the airport

Vivek Oberoi with wife Priyanka Alva and Akshay Kumar - first pics after marriage at airport

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Credits: pinkvilla

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Wish Akshay would wear see through pants ; p

Akshay looks like a close family friend to the Oberois

i wish u happy married life


Hay Vivek! Mus say you hav a good choice! Priyanka & u make da perfect match.

!!!!!!!!! goodness.. she's NOT in a photoshoot, she's a private citizen. believe it or not, we've heard of brides wearing jeans on the 2nd day post their wedding-- to each is own. some get decked up in layers of gold.. others wear t-shirts. who carees, they can wear what they want.. you wear what you lke. leave em alone... ok???

saree is just ok .. but since she's on the plane, she may not be dressing up.
planes are messy and ppl don't wear their best on the plane. she's a private citizen and going for Pinkvilla fans.
the saree was probably a gift from Vivek or his family so she may be feeling to wear it out of personal reasons. usually the bride dresses in clothes that her gifted and not her choice.

as far as her looks go.. she is very traditionally pretty. she looks tired in the photo though. her height is a bonus, but she has a gr8 face. well, many desis do not like oval faces and long hair.. and like round faces and larger lips (Indian barbie types).. but tastes are tastes.

give her 10 layers of whitened pancake makeup and hair coloring and that bollywood dazzle makeup, and you will see your typical starlet / star everyone likes on pinkvilla. she has better raw material than most Bollywood stars today, given her oval face structure and height. come on people, stop with your bashings.

Sat, 2010-11-06 03:06 — Anonymous --> her features are very classically Indian pretty-- long oval face, long hair ,good nose, large eyes.. not sure what you mean that she's not 'conventionally' pretty. is it bcoz she doesn't have a low melanin count?? is that the thing that makes someone pretty or un-pretty?? because going by features, her face is similar to the Indian art paintings of princesses, etc.

Thu, 2010-11-04 14:47 -> he has not talked about them in years since that press conference.
not sure what you mean that Vivek has not shut his mouth about the two-- what do you mean by this?

as far as Salman goes, Indian society is very good at pressurizing everyone to get married soon and reproduce. hence many bad marriages and un-wanted kids thrown at elders to take care of.. and overpopulating the biggest concern of India around the world. frankly, we should be thankful and hold role models of the stars who take their time and/or never get married (not being able to find their soulmate)-- or never have children. it's fine. people can do other things. Salman's 'Being Human' foundation is a child in itself.. let's not pressure him in this very society way. it's better Salman finds his soul mate he WANTS to get married to, instead of marrying someone as a compromise. let's leave him alone on that, instead of putting private pressure.

Contary to the last opinion, she seems to have a conventionally pretty face (very long features, large doe eyes, straight nose, long hair, nice smile, long hair, etc. etc.) rather than 'different-interesting'.... her saree is either hate it or like it.

shes not conventionally pretty ( nothing wrong with that) and has an interesting face and a modelesque body. Hate the sari though, she looks like a mithai ka dabba

they luk soo gud 2gether.mubarak hooooooooooo '

Congrats, hope he will shut his mouth now about Salman and Aish. But when is Salman getting married to Katrina. So for once Salman-Aish story is over for the media. Salman please get married soon

Yes, Mrs. Sr. Oberoi is incredibly chic.. she is 100% South Indian by the way... giving further sterotype that South Indian women often come out the most feminine and delicate and pretty. she has such a wonderful striking face too.. . what features!! ((( read this somewhere, someone correct this if not true ))).

So Viveik is actually South Indian on the maternal side.

Priyanka is actually North Indian (Punjabi) on the maternal side.. her long oval face looks similar to some of the features there...

every place in India , North and South, has such great beauties. mix them up and it's one cute family !!!!!

Mon, 2010-11-01 19:39 — fashion_maven--> actually, these days everyone dresses too much or too little in color. quite like this sunny orange saree color.. orange is quite under-used in fashion.. it can be very warm and cheerful. this color gives a very Indian look. given she appears a bit tired, the orange/red/gold look cheers it up.

what she's wearing is sunny and gorgeous...
this is not a photoshoot, it's just private photos in an airport.

she can dress the way SHE wants.. its' her day. she's the bride and the bride gets to do what she wants.
besides, her dress is fine... she just looks a bit tired.

everyone with big ceremonies gets tired... and needs 'time out'. this is a private photo, not a photosesseion.

Mon, 2010-11-01 17:45 — Anonymous -> She's half Punjabi so that's why.

what's up with commenting on her looks, she's not trying to get into films. just glad vivek was able to settle down after the his disaster with aishwarya.

Mon, 2010-11-01 10:18 — Anonymous
That's a typical Indian attitude to please parents

is it me or she actally looking like someone who is first time seen the airport

she is a new bride, so she needs to dress nicer.
She looks lost!!! lol

...and along comes Akshay, in a see through---oh god what IS that funky thing?---a see through HOODIE?
I love Akshay, he always makes me laugh, especially when he's not trying.

ewww sari!

Mrs. Oberoi Sr is super chic! As for Priyanka, she's pretty cute but I hate the sari combo. There are so many better colours to choose from...

WE have a Sindhi-Sikh friend and she has very long facial features just like Priyanka. she is considered so gorgeous for having that sort of long face.. and Priyanka is totally lovely !!!! that very long refined long with very large eyes is oh so romantic poetic look, very classically Indian. In all the Indian arts, you can see romantic beauties just like Priyanka's face...
it's not a region.. North or South.. it's just a very elegant look-- Priyanka is a winner!!!

God bless vivik and his new bride, I was very angry with vivek after that stupid incident, but now I have forgiven him and i wish him all the best. I think he was innocent and not sure what he was doing. I hope now that he is settle down , him and slalubhai should be friends... I think salim khan sab went to teh wedding. very understanding ppl.

vivek is super hot.........his wife's saree is really bad she is good looking but bad makeup and dress sense even vivek's mom's saree is much better than priyanka's... plz priyanka you are with most handsome and hot guy so improve ur style....

she has delicate long refined features.. a very good face.

oh , she is slim and tall too, , she has a the makings of a fashion model if she wants and grooms herself that way...

Good bless them

why are they doing a photoshoot on the airport?
soo funny!





Vivek! Priyanka is jus ttttoooo gorgeous! We luv your'll. Your'll make a good couple.

she could have worn the saree properly since she's a new bride its like as if she's so tired after working so hard.

she's lovely .the saree s baaaaaad

indians dont hate their skin colour but they are brought up to believe fair skin's better whether you live in the slums or the poshest of places in India

she's beautiful. vivek did good.

Oberoi Sr. is sexier any day! his voice..mmmm. His mom's pretty fierce too.

Sun, 2010-10-31 13:09 — Anonymous
no dear i m brown but i love my skin like anything.Nor do i judge any one's beauty on the basis of skin color.Even in India i have got a lot of compliments fo rmy color too. So not all Indians are the same.But yes majority likes fair skin. cute....they look lovely together

priyanka looks like a smart and sweet girl. want to hear her speak.

congrats to the couple! however, i like the mother in law's saree more than i like the bahus.

omg gaaasp at akshay kumar's outfit. n this couple looks nice good luck to them...

I am very impressed with V's choice of wife ..... a beautiful smart woman. While Salman Khan runs around with gals young enough to be his daughters. A middle aged man dating very young gals is very creepy.

I like that the mom didn't dye her hair and kept it silver. And what a chic hair cut she has. A silver bob. That's a stylish confidant woman. V has a cool mom and now a cool wife. He got lucky and I am happy for him after a difficult period thanks to the eternal brat Salman.

they look so happy in each other's company and priyanka is soo pretty. wish them all the best :)

she is very pretty

they look so cute and happy together!! honestly after seeing this picture now i wanna get married to!! :D

wonderful!!!!! congrats to the blessed couple...

someone told Priyanka to stand up striaght. she's no slouch.. she may be tired.. ok?
she's very tall though.. and very slender.

Priyanka is so pretty... one gets the feeling though, she feels maybe 'too tall' and tries to shorten her height near Vivek-- who is really a tall guy near 6 feet. tall girls often slump sometimes when they feel too tall. She's much taller than Aishwarya obviously-- since Aishwarya was a head shorter than Vivek, even in her heels.

she's near 6 feet tall, she doesn't need to stand up straight if she doesn't want..

she looks super elegant...!

stand up straight honey!!!

Its so sweet the way he is keeping her by his side. Its not in a controlling way but in a way so she dosn't feel left out. Priyanka comes across as a really chilled out individual, and seems to be coping well with media attention. As for the comment below that she needs to put on weight,no way. Both are slim and smart and look good together.

priyanka is very cute & real......and we can make out from her eyes and smile that she is a good and kind person...vivek is really lucky!......i wish them both a very happy married life.......may GOD bless them!

Sun, 2010-10-31 05:34 — Anonymous: 100% agree. she looks stylist for any age , in fact.
she will make grey short hair super chic. what style !! wow.

Priyanka looks classically lovely.... while she looks hip mod cool.

Vivek's Madre looks very pretty too.. with her grey bobbed hair , she still looks chic , mod and cool.
she seems very fashionable.

Priyanka of course, is totally classic Indian and very pretty !!

they all look striking.

CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aishwarya rai is brown too...she just bleaches and put on layers of white makeup..

gosh, why do indians hate their complexion so much

Priyanaka has that tall height and slender frame.. she can wear anything well.

she looks a bit tired right now.. but very lovely. she has a fab smile and pretty hair too.
she usually wears Western mod type stuff... , but she looks nice in sarees and tradional wear too.

God bless them....they make a really cute couple!

Priyanka looks ok. She doesn't look anything exceptional. However Vivek looks happy with her. so happy for him.


Priyanka looks so so gorgeous.. what a classic face and such a great Indian beauty!!
that is a tall lithe beauty, but guess since she's not pitch white or wears layers of white pancake, people will diss her.

how sad that people rained on her parade by dissing her looks.. they were cell phone photos.. for goodness sake!!!

Priyanka has such a beautiful long oval face and nearly perfect tall figure.
she is beautiful.

Congrats to the very good looking couple!!!

this is what i like about pinkvilla. they are quick to release the pictures. i have been eager to see the pictures, and yes they look so cute together.

it's so cute how he's not letting go of her... god bless them! it's the best decision VO has made in a long time

The couple looks very cute. God bless them.

Priyanka looks so simple and down to earth. God Bless them. They look very cute together.

Her dad was a corrupt politician.

they all r going out for film shooting i guess!!! shan sajid akshaye and i guess priyanka is going with vivek too n his family is thr at the airport to bade farewell to the newly married couple.. cute couple... :)

Aww... feel for priyanka and for all new married brides, coming away from home/family to live with a whole new family in a new city, bitter sweet! And yes priyanka needs to put on some kilos... Btw, Mr Oberoi hardly smiles while Vivek smiles all the time, funny! An aside, like Shaan's shirt, looking young & hip...

These look like really nice people, and once again Vivek's mum is the QUEEN of elegance! Honestly, that woman should come out with a book of style for adult women. I've become a huge fan of hers just from her pictures.

god bless the couple. she looks simple and nice.

what are shaan and akshay doing there??

Great pics, thanks for bringing them, you are so quick Pinkvilla! Hope now ppl here wont say she is cozying up with her father-in-law just because she is huggy buggy with him like they do about Aishwarya. Times are changing and it is nice to have friends in father and mother-in-laws! The newlyweds look so cute together, God Bless them!

best of luck to thm..all looks happy.

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