EXCLUSIVE: I was never dating Sapna Pabbi, says Harshvardhan Kapoor

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There were rumours doing the rounds that Anil Kapoor's son Harshvardhan Kapoor is dating his dad's onscreen daughter Sapna Pabbi in real life. For those uninitiated, Sapna played the daughter to Anil's character in his TV show, 24. Pabbi also played a lead role in the 2015 film Khamoshiyan. Speculations were rife that the two had been spotted at dinner dates quite often. 
Harshvardhan, who's all set to entice his fans with his Bollywood debut Mirzya, told us exclusively that he was never in a relationship with Sapna. He said, "I was never dating Sapna Pabbi. Sapna and I were basically seen once at some event, not even in an event, there's a thing called Playground in Lower Parel Palladium. There were thousands of people there and somebody saw us and then made a story about it. And I don't mind such reports as they don't disturb me. I'm a single guy and I have nobody to answer to and if somebody wants to use me to make a story, then it's ok." 
On a related note, we asked him about the reports of him joining Tinder (a dating app). His reply to our query was, "If I'll now be on Tinder, I'll be in so much trouble because of the way the society is. I mean what I was trying to say, that quote was taken out of context. I'm 25 years old, I'm a single guy, so in that theory, I should be on Tinder, but I'm not. You've to assume that kind of responsibility, may be, once you become a public figure, you can't really do it. Although, in America, James Franco and many of them are on Tinder. But I really love our society and I respect it and for the love, I'm getting back, it's fine to make some compromises." 
For those who are on Tinder and were looking for a match with our newbie, they will have to wait! 

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Who even cares

Deja vu... Sonam kapoor talking

I love Sonam and I'm super excited about Harsh's debut, but I have no idea what he is saying here lmao

ummm what does society got to do with you not being on tinder? plenty of indians have tinder

Let me tell you his career plan. He is not interested in being the next big thing in B-town, but he is using it to gain experience before he crosses over to Hollywood. His family and Arjun used to say in interviews that Harsh doesn't like masala cinema and doesn't identify with Bollywood. They portrayed him as 'world cinema lover', one who gave his father advice about doing the Slumdog film, went to the US to do his college degree and etc. He is just perking up his CV and establishing a fan base, creating a brand like PC and DP did. Then cross-over!! He is young and seems very career focused.

Yes. I think he is going to try and go international. not necessarily Hollywood, but films from around the world. I do think he will continue with Indian cinema as well, but not he commercial blockbuster stuff. More off the offbeat, artsy parallel cinema. Good for him.

So, he is making a compromise for the greater good of the society by not being on Tinder? Is that what he calls a bloody sacrifice?!! Oh, these rich kids! So, far he is a bag of contradiction!!!

WTH he is talking about...

I have no interest in him

No one cares dude.

Can't decide if he's hot or ordinary, so far with man bun, he looks hot but when the hair is down, he's just really ordinary. Haha

Lol he sounds so much coached

he seems to take after sonam footinthemouth kapoor

he talks so much ..but an honest guy

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