This young actress got cosy with her foreigner friend at a high-end hotel! Guess who?

Yesterday, we heard a juicy gossip about a young actress getting all cosy with her foreigner friend.

Yesterday, a little birdie came and told us an interesting piece of gossip. Well, this young actress who has worked with the megastar of Bollywood raked in positive reviews for her performance in the film. The diva has many projects in her kitty this year. 
Last night, she was spotted at a high-end hotel in the city with her foreigner friend. The two were a little conscious when they were entering the hotel and were checking if someone was watching them or not. But, soon after realizing that they are in a safe space, the two were getting a little cosy with each other. And then were seen heading to a room in the hotel. 
What's cooking between the two?
Guess who?

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Credits: Pinkvilla

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Well, at least now we can say that Tapsee has finally made it. You know they're a big enough star when people start to care and speculate on their love life.

Not scandalous enough.

"The" megastar of Bollywood IS Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. He is the all-time super star. So this is likely directed at Taapsee Pannu who received good reviews for Pink (although I know nothing about her personal life, and if she's single, it's totally her business). The only other candidate for "the" current megastar could be Aamir Khan, and perhaps one of the girls in Dangal. Salman is next, but no young actress has received good reviews for working with him!

As long as this actress isn't already in a relationship, then so what? Let her have some fun

most girls have one goal which is to find a successful man. When they do that, they take it easy, and if it goes wrong they suddenly become career oriented , focused blah blah till they get another bait

It can not be Alia (although my first thought was Alia) here says "Diva has many of films in its kitty," but Alia is the only one with Varun. It can be Taapsee or a girls Dangal. Pinkvila, again you do not miss my comment and I'll duplicate it 10 times?

It can not be Alia (although my first thought was Alia) here it says "Diva has many projects in its kitty", while Alia has only one film with Varun and all. It can be Taapsee or a girls Dangal

Tapasee pannu.

Must be Aliaa - young.
Tapsee is not that young tho, she's atleast 30 now.

Dangal girls don't have many projects in their kitty this year. So, it's not them

Megastar: Amitabh Bachchan
Actress: tapsee
Foreigner: Mathias boe

She's human , let her have a relationship that makes her happy

Thank you for saying this!

Taapsee Pannu and her foreigner boyfriend Mathias Boe.
Megastar is always AB and she worked with him and now has 3-4 movies coming up

Before worked with Amitabh in Pink she worked with Akshay in Baby after baby taapsee signed my name Shabana and pink. Not Amitabh gave her the opportunity, but after Pink her noticed more closely

Taapsee has a foreigner boyfriend who is a badminton doubles player. His name is Mathias Boe and they have been dating openly for many years now. Why is this even a blind?

Aliya has Sid to get cosy so he isn't it. Tapsee can be, worked with AB and was seeing with a foreign guy.


Alia with Ali Dadarkar

Is he a foreigner ?

Alia because she has the most movies n she seems too seedhi n doing drama

Ouch.....SRK again? With Alia.

Young actress: Alia, Dangal, Pooja Hegde

tapsee pannu. worked with amitabh bachchan in pink and got positive reviews for it. has running shaadi dot com, naam shabana, ghazi attack, judwaa 2 etc in her kitty.

It's Tapsee Pannu. And her foreigner friend is not good looking.


Alia bhatt

Illeana or yami

Jacquline fits the bill except for positive reviews thing.

Taapsee pannu?

New young girl ?? Who has worked with megastar of bollywood ?? This mean she worked with AMIR or Salman , praised for her performance ?? Dangal girls ?? Or??

Fatima sheikh -Dangal girl

Young Alia Megastar SRK got positive response for Dear Zindagi?

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