Superstar takes his gig fee in the form of movie tickets; Other A-list actor's film continues to inflate numbers - Guess Who

As the week has come to an end, a popular magazine has carried yet another juicy blind item in their column written by a journalist. This one was an easy crack for us and was a tad shocking. Can you guess whom are they talking about here?
Here's what the blind reads:
The box-office war between two recent films, each starring a top male star, has been heating up to the point that it’s gotten ugly. Insiders are saying the father-son team behind one of the films has been inflating their collections so much it’s not even funny. While it’s common practice in Bollywood for producers to add a few crore to their actual box-office numbers, trade pundits are saying the makers of this film have exaggerated their numbers by nearly Rs 20 crore. The objective, it appears, is to claim that the film has crossed the Rs 100 crore mark. However, experts say the film’s final tally will peter out well before hitting that benchmark.
Meanwhile, the other star producer is reportedly leaving no stone unturned to show massive collections for his own release. While there is no question that his film has a sizeable lead over the other movie, some have sniggered at the methods he may have employed to achieve this. One insider says the star, who recently performed at a private wedding for a top industrialist family, asked that his Rs 1.5 crore fee be paid in the form of block-booked tickets for his film.

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Credits: Open Magazine

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Blocking and own ticket buying is most rampant for Salman and Aamir films in the first few days. That explains how they climb up the charts. At that point the euphoria propels the films further. I am not saying their films are bad. They are good. This ticket buying is a tactic to make them popular. Somehow when it comes to SRK & HR sadly there is a section of some industry that wants them to not ' succeed obviously because their money is riding on Aamir & Salman . . .

Uff. srk and his pr team. Trying too hard these days

srk's PR is on role in this page looks like

HR and his father reached all level of fakness. oh dear lol!

PRs from both sides are fighting.I find this item completely true as these kind of things are happening everywhere. Buying awrds, inflating numbers blah blah. People are doing cheap tactics to go ahead of each other. Gone were the days when people enjoy life.

why am I not surprised. I mean how can anyone forget how krrish 3 crossed 200 cr?

No surprise ... HR hasn't had clean box office numbers since Agneepath. I wish he realized that no buys into his bullshit. It's so embarrassing when everyone knows his films end up with an extra made up 20-50 crores.

SRK will go to any lengths to reach 100 crores.

You mean Rakesh!!! LMAO!

You mean HR and his father!lol . Raees reached it already within the extended weekend. so cry me a river! lol

LOL! SRK's films all of them reached 100cr and more since all the recent years except Fan. Even Raees reached comfortably. I think you meant Kaabil and HR here!

Lol..I see a lot of SRK's fan heads exploding. They believe and snigger about every blind that is out there but something about him has got to be fake. SRK clearly inflated the numbers of his past lousy movies like HNY and Raees.

HR is a flop actor in India and overseas. Hardly an a-lister. His films don't even open decent.

Pap Roshan's calculator is rocking!! LOL

RR added more than 30 cr already to his film Kaabil!!! OMG!!! LOL. How embarrassing is this!!

No one can beat pap roshan with manipulation!! LOL

Raess is winning the clash in India, overseas and world wide. why SRK needs to put a wedding fee into this to begin with! and only 1.5 cr!! LOL. Just focus on the roshans please and their fakeness. Supporting even KRK to spread nonsense on SRK and his film even before release. pv please pos this....I agree.

LMAO!!! This sounds too lame to be real. SRK did no wedding neither he is dumb enough to put his stake at risk with only 1.5 cr!! LOL. Raees is winning all over with way more gap. That won't make a slight difference. As for RR...The guy reached all level of manipulation. Producers fig can be vary with few crs but not with over 30cr!!!! LOL. He is doing the same aftre Krish3.

lol the GVK wedding in Hyderabad. Explains.

SRK didn't perform at any wedding recently. Stop the hate for no reason.

LOL. You really believed in this crap! and at 1 cr!! SRK won't even bother to say that to the wedding people !! haha.

I doubt it is true. SRK is not a fool to do this for 1.5 cr!lol. I dislike SRK with passion but for sure I know he is not the naive or stupid to do such trick with such very low price and that when his film is winning the clash so easily. Sound BS to me.

RR is so desperate to say the least. Krish3 and now Kaabil! Enough of this BS. No one believe it anymore.

HR is a flop everywhere. Personally and professionally. His father is making him a joke as well.

Dislikes on comments in favour of Hrithik and likes in comments in srk favour proves srk PR is here.

Abusing the like button is very easy for SRK PR.

The roshans are hilarious!! LMAO

Srk Pr or i say srk is here bashing Roshans and misusing dislikes and likes buttons,

HR and his father are so desperate to make their film win the clash somehow and turned into a big joke! Their jaado is doing the tricks with all those over 30 cr manipulation!! haha

Abusing the like button is very easy for SRK PR.

SRK's PR is working pretty hard here. I don't like Hrithik, but SRK PR is going bonkers here.

SRK's part is for sure untrue. It is rather so hilarious. SRK's films open great everywhere and he doesn't need a one cr for it. better luck next time for trying to defame his name.

HR and his father cried too much for SRK to delay his film but when it didn't work they are faking figures to the sky!!!! LOL.

Flop flop flop hrithik

Obsessed with numbers instead of quality.

Hr films don't work anywhere neither in India or overseas. And his father is aiming to ruin his reputation as well. figuers can be vary with few crs everywhere but over 20/30 cr!! wth!!! Many trades are laughing at them already.

I so agree. It is getting so stupid. difference of over 30cr wth really! Roshans should stop and save some dignity. Even the pakistan numbers are fake. The film did poorly there. and here in Canada no one is even bother to see it!

OGO! Things are moving! where 3 missed blind about Hrithik? we wait!

Raees collections are fake too . 2.5 crs daily just like kaabil. Same people who expose kaabil exposed raees. So stop haters. Read a wonderful article on indicine about it. Rr and red chillies calculator is same

The is one HR fan posting comments over and over again. Or maybe it is HR, considering how needy he is!

Lol kangnaa PR is on roll here.

Kangana PR team making Rakesh manipulate numbers? Roshan finally gone mad. in personal and professional terms

she has better things to do. Believe me!!

yeah thats why she is all the time crying about Hrithik and talking about a relationship that doesnt exists.

It can be vice versa? This is Hrithik started a court case after the simple phrase "silly ex" that could touch anyone. This is Hrithik admitted that it was true. This is Hrithik wanted publicity just before the release of the MD as the promotion of the film. It Rakesh spoke again about Kangana just before release Kaabbil but it did not save the both films from the infamous flops!

Congrats on the Raees winning the clash fair and square. Love to SRK and the team. Watched it 4 times already in NY and always full house.

What a waste of time and money.

when you have nothing against SRK so you fabricated a wedding and saying he chargers 1 cr for tickets!!! WTF!!! LOLLL. who wrote this!!! haha

Why is it a blind??? It s not even something new that Roshans have done. Its always the same story with their all movies.

seriously?!!haven't both parties made enough money already??jezzz bollywood stars with their egos & insecurities...

SRK's film is already BB overseas and moving to become a hit in India. So it is understandable how the roshans trying to catch up with fake figures since they are behind them with over 43cr in India and over 100 cr WW.

Raees is wining the clash left right and centre. hence the roshans are going mad with fake figs to the roof!!!

Sonam said before it's cheap to dance in weddings...that's why srk hates her...

SRK might be at a low phase in his career but he is still loved by people very much. Can't say much about whiny junior Roshan.

Raees is already is slowly reaching 300 cr WW in every BO site. NO MATTER SRK IS WINNING THIS. So writing such rubbish about a wedding won't make a difference neither is true.

Oh god SRK is over for sure, his movies are not doing well and pryanka has dumped him too, tough time for him.

Shahrukh's PR is manipulating the 'likes' too..Hahahahaha :P

One SRK fan is spamming this page. ROFL. No, I don't care about Roshan either. PV please post

SRK's film is doing fine. He doesn't need a one cr for it to break even. better luck next time you losers.

hrithik is a great actor and is still young compared to SRK, SRK needs to come to term with the fact that he is no more a big star.

SRK's film is doing great despite all negativity around it. Love you SRK. No one can drag you down. as rakesh...grow up and stop humiliating yourself and your son. Everyone is making fun of you two now.

hrithik and the king of LA LA LAND SRK

I don't think HR is a lister anymore. Newcomers have better opining for their films than his nowadays.

Srk is the only star who tweet and retweeted his fake box office collections and reply to those who were doing the despo flop

You mean Rakesh!!! LMAO!

You mean RR is the one who did so soooo many times! SRK just put the WW collection which is actually true.

RR is going nuts with fake collections!!!! hahaha. Just admit you lost the clash and move on..

Raees is already winning everywhere. So no point of SRK to be in this mess anyway and that with only one cr!!! come on!

IDK about this one. SRK said in an interview with AIB earlier this week that he hadn't done a wedding in a long time ( i think he said years). So....

Surprised. those who believe in a part of Hrithik, but says "part of SRK fake" very real blind fanatics. If objectively and fairly, then either both are true or both of the forgeries. but I am sure that both sides of the truth

HR part is not only in blind but everywhere. While SRK part is not. Not to mention that SRK didn't do any wedding recently neither 1 cr was ever his fee AND that fee won't even make a difference to his film anyway. The film already heading to 300cr WW. And all sites and even international ones reporting how the film is huge everywhere.

I have read somewhere that SRK went to the wedding of Yes Bank founder Rana Kapoor's daughter wedding .

SRK didn't perform at any weeding recently. Neither charge for such low money and more importantly Raees doesn't need a one cr to look better. The film already ahead in this clash by huge margin.

Do not you think that the wedding would be secret and not to the media? What SRK dancing at weddings is not a secret, but there is a wedding, that the media are not invited. I believe in this part because I know all PR actions SRK, especially the "buy one ticket and get another for free" It's not that I'm against SRK and blah blah blah, but fact is fact, if the truth 1 a part is of the truth and another. or both false. There is no third

Srk part is everywhere too. kindly see it on twitter. Many sites exposes how srk PR call and ask that film should cross a certain number on mon. Who knows srk went to wedding or not?it could be private wedding. Its not 1 cr only but more. 300 crs lol its still stuck on 100 with inflated figures. All sites are too reporting how kaabil is a hit and growing day by day.

SRK fans trying hard to call kaabil a flop when its a hit. distributors ,,websites and trade people declared it a hit. its a low budget film of 50 crs and made 100 crs even if someone says 80 crs here still a hit while raees is a flop. Accept it and get back to work as i wont change the fact

leave SRK out of your mess HR and Rakesh. Flop father and son. zzz

Leave HR alone, flop srk flo raess fan hny and dilwale

HR and his father are so desperate. over 20 cr fake numbers!!! LOL.

flop srk ki flop raees no wonder why he avoided clash with Sultan. Kaabil is a hit even with original BO collections while raees is a flop even with inflated collections. To all those who said k3 figures were infalted see how red chillies inflated diwale and HNY. Both are in the same league. Stop defending SRK . He can do anything for fame. i still remember during iffa awards in Canada SRK asked money from his fans to take a pic and to give autograph.

SRK's part is for sure untrue. It is rather so hilarious. SRK's films open great everywhere and he doesn't need a one cr for it.

flop krithik roshan

Hi SRK,why type same thing again and again? Kaabil has been declared a hit, even if didn't cross 100 crore.

It looks to me that SRK's name is being draged unnecessary in this father and son drama. His bit sounds so lame and fake. He doesn't need to do it all. even the amount sounds too fabricated and much less that what he charges actually.

Poor SRK seems to really be struggling among all the Khans.. he really needs to get good scripts..

lmao!!! Not fan of SRK but who wrote this rubbish stuff about him!! wedding fee to do what!! LOL. The guy is the second richest actor in the world. He would have done it without this.

And he still calls himself the King and his wife the First Lady, lol

the term king didn't come from him. SRK still today has the best success rate of any superstar since the 90's. 24 out of 35 BB of BW is on his kitty from overseas. Has no flop since 2005 but only Fan. so no need to drag him down as you wish. Those are facts.

SRK's part is so out of the blue and stupid.

i agree. who believes in this crap! lol

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