Multiplex owner pulls down this latest film owing to lack of audience, the filmmaker express his displeasure! - Guess Who

While scouting the pages of a leading daily, this latest piece of gossip held our attention. Can you guess who are they talking about?

A filmmaker whose recent film barely caused a stir at the box-office is rather miffed with the results. Even though he has declared his film to be a hit, other producers and distributors associated with it have not seen any returns on their investment. But this scene takes the cake: a local multiplex removed the film from its screens for lack of a sufficient audience. The filmmaker went to the administrator and questioned him, accusing him of sabotaging the film. When the multiplex man told him the seats weren't being filled, the filmmaker went home grumbling, albeit tail between legs.

Guess Who...

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Credits: mumbai mirror

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Hrithik is too good for his home productions. He needs to take a break from action films and do an epic romance movie, preferably with aishwarya .

Kaabil hrithik and papa roshsn

Raes is a flop and SRK is the king manipulator. Kaabil was a better movie than raes.

NOT KABIL. Kabil did very well.

I am not a great Rithik fan but still no body liked Raees.Mahira who does not want to get inspired by India .What is she doing in bollywood?Seriously What was Sharukh thinking?

even box office collections in bollywood aren't reliable anymore. that's why bollywood will never match hollywood.

is kaabil really a flop? hrithik is the next ranbir it seems. the audience has rejected them but of course being starkids they will keep making movies for decades to come.

HR and his father. They can't handle losing a clash like adults. Raees already in profits with more than 100cr ww.

Hrithik' career is over so is Srk's. Atleast SRK had 25 years of career. Hrithik started his career in 2000. Now please open some restaurant or hotel to earn money.

hahaha! Kaabil is floping everywhere ..

HR is a flop, period. Both SRK and Kangna should work together now for fun!;) lol

Rakesh and his flop Kaabil.

I don't like Hrithik, but why can't this blind hint at Farhan and Riteish??

Distributors of both the movies lost money. Hrithik lost the clash second time after Mahenjodaro. Raees's life time business will be 130 crore net In India. Kabil is flop Raees is average.

It's papaji Roshan

It is Farhan Akhtar. Article says other producer. Kaabil has only one producer filmkraft Production, while raees has two producer. Also,Kaabil got more screen than raees in 3rd week. So its clear its Farhan and Ritesh

Rakesh Roshan. haha

Hahaha...that could only be our bollywoods PAPPAJI !

Rakesh Roshan and scam film Kaabil. The industry people must be laughing at him at this point.

Rakesh Roshan of course. Nothing new to him at all.

is Rakesh Roshan the guy Tisca Chopra was talking about as her casting couch experience?

Rakesh Roshan and Sanjay Gupta with their Avatar film...Kaabil! LOL

Rakesh and Sanjay Gupta. HR is a flop officially. Losing his second clash in a row. One with Akshay and now with SRK. Can't even open his film with decent numbers...I agree.

This news even on twitter now. It is Rakesh Roshan.

Without thinking it is Rakesh Roshan. Losing the clash and his reputation as well. Krish3 all over again!

I don't like Hrithik, but why can't this blind hint at Farhan and Riteish??

why the make it guess game .. why they just add the name
its a free world

First Hrithik wept on the audience that Kangana called him " silly ex" (which is wholly true, it is silly), then sued Kangana (to promotional MD), then accused Akshay (if someone needs to be supported, the industry has to support him ) then was to blame SRK and "unfair distribution of screens," but none of the bag of tricks did not work, Hrithik is in a bad place personally and professionally. People are not stupid and realize that the sweet image of the "Greek god just fake, which is no longer active

If SRK fans had actually gone to watch the film than flooding online articles with Stupidity, Raees wud not hv ended up wid one third the screens of Kaabil. When the article says "Other PRODUCERS", that itself means they are talking abt Raees. As it is produced by RCE and Excel. Period.

"The OTHER Producers" itself means the film had more than producer. Which means it is Raees. PV, post pls

You have to be stupid to think its anyone but "Papa". For over 10 years the entire Industry knows about the Roshans calculator so much so that its a running joke. #ImWithYouPapa

Rakesh calculator Roshan

It is Rakesh Roshan.

King of Manipulation, SRK.

Rakesh Roshan. His jaado is not working! loll

Rakesh ji!

Rakesh papa!

why this even a blind! It is Rakesh Roshan. This news is everywhere.

No one is crying better than papa roshan! lmao

Rakesh Roshan

Raees Raees Raees

Srk PR here bashing roshans and misusing likes n dislikes. Read again haters it say other producers means farhan and ritesh. No wonder why farhan skip promotions and party.

Rakesh Roshan. Duh!

Rakesh and Sanjay Gupta. HR is a flop officially. Losing his second clash in a row. One with Akshay and now with SRK. Can't even open his film with decent numbers.

Dear hater read it says other producers means its raees . Kaabil has only one producer.

Srk PR here bashing roshans and misusing likes n dislikes. Its raees .

Son abuses female actor father abuses BO!! What a pair. :(

Rakesh crying Roshan

I wonder what Rakesh Roshan gains from all the crying in public about his film being sabotaged, to the distributors and faking all those huuuuuge numbers!! Does he feel better being this embarrassing!! and what he does to taxes people afterwords when they know the reality! lol

Kaabil; Rakesh Roshan and Sanjay Gupta. They are everywhere trying to act as their film is the best ever and the first successfull film in 2017!!! LOLLLLL

This Rakesh Roshan needs to calm the hell down...and try and make good movies instead...I agree

Rakesh Roshan. Sanjay Gupta. The distributors are already angry and asking for their money back as I heard. You can check that on twitter as well.

Yes yes...To the ones who defending Kaabil here...The film is running good..even at home with my kids it is running! LOL. I say let's stop giving excuses to scams people as Rakesh and Sanjya gupta who are faking figures to over 100cr and shamelessly quoting even KRK and his likes. People are not fools. The film is a mess so it's collections.

TicketMaster SRK

LOL! Rakesh Roshan is hilarious.

Sounds like Sidwani. I heard Excel makers are in a Huge financial loss after 3rd flop in a Row.

Rakesh Roshan

Everybody in the industry knows that Kaabil is a Clean Hit while Raees is a Huge Flop. Though declared Budget was 80 Crs, in his desperation, Raees spent atleast 20 Crs more to get more songs,shoot in Dubai, over promotion n to fake opening collections.

Everybody in the industry knows that Kaabil is a Clean Hit while Raees is a Huge Flop. Though declared Budget was 80 Crs, in his desperation, Raees spent atleast 20 Crs more to get more songs,shoot in Dubai, over promotion n to fake opening collections.

Kaabi; Rakesh roshan and Sanjya Gupta. They are scams and need to stop this fake reviews and numbers games. The film is pathetic. Not even okay.

RR. The crying baby. Everyone is after his Avatar movie! LOL

Raees is a hit thanks to its massive opening. Whatever figures you go by, inflated and deflated. lol!

Kaabil OTOH, is a flop by BO figures. And filmmaker who confronts a multiplex...sounds like a thing Rakesh Roshan would do.

what this Rakesh think!! That the owners will keep all the screens for months or what!! LOL. There are many new films releasing. Your fake numbers only works in another planet not earth! It is not Dangal that will be there by public demands. The film is a flop even overseas. Just admit it it can not reach 100cr by any means in the real world and have some grace.

King of Manipulation, SRK.

Easy one. Rakesh Roshan.

No one is crying in the industry better than Rakesh Roshan and his son! Whether professionally or personally. These guys are jokes indeed. How fake they are!!!

Kaabil. The film becomes a scam now. Not only in India but overseas as well.

This is neither Raees or Kaabil, as both the movies did create a stir at BO....but I cannot pinpoint which latest movie it is

RR and Sanjay Gupta. Kaabil. I read even the distributors of the film are so angry with them for faking numbers as they are losing money in many places.

Sanjay Gupta and Rakesh Roshan. They are going mad even online declaring their film being this and that. Even using SRK's names for their film.

Rakesh roshan! LOLLL. Is he ok! Akshay's film is doing good for sure many will plan to pull this scam film for many places.

kaabill!!! It looks no matter how rakesh is trying faking it online it is not working.

Papa Rakesh.

Rakesh should stop crying. Trades are mocking him as well online.

Rakesh Roshan. Kaabil.

ProducerS? Means more than 1 producer. Has to be SRK- Ritesh- Farhan then. They were the ones who even declared it a Hit in week 1 itself b had a success party

This is Karma. Raees makers tried to Sabotage Kaabil in week 1 by taking away more than 65% screens using Bahubali2. But public supported better film, Kaabil and they ended up with 30:70 screen share in week 3. Kaabil is hving the last laugh now.

And people who are saying the article is abt Kaabil shud read that it clearly mentions "Other Producers" and only Raees was produced by multiple producers. PV, pls post

Hello Rakesh ji! No mattere how hard you try...Your film is still short by over 42 cr in india and over 150cr overseas than Raees. So keep writing and faking as you want while Raees makers are laughing to the bank. Zzzz.

Flop srk ki flop raees.

"Other Producers" means it is Raees. Kaabil is Solo production.

Rakesh roshan even faking numbers by 70 per cent in Pakistan. He is going mad.

it is raees coz kaabil still has many screens ! it was more then 600 in week 3 begining! while raees had much less! i heard now raees has gone below 50!

Rakesh Roshan is humiliating the industry with his actions.

Over rated Raees. It was out in second week itself

Kaabil makers. They are shameless. I used to be a fan of HR but not anymore. Him and his father are laughable.

kaabil is off gaiety galaxy...raees still on......when i went to watch raees the second time....kaabil was almost empty..and now finally taken...u can only lie so much rakesh roshan

I thought Kaabil was shown only at the solo cinemas not multiplexes . That's why Rakesh Roshan was shouting .

lol! its raees surly !coz in starting of week 3 kaabil had 660+ screens and now its 600+ ! and raees had 200+ and now i don't know how much it is! but if this news is true then raees has gone below 100 !

Raees has been pulled down from many places. Kaabil is running good. Haters can check it online

Rakesh crying roshan.

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