This actor-producer and his ladylove are in for a little separation - Guess Who?

While the lovers are busy getting mushy and celebrating Valentine's Day today, a juicy blind item about a much-talked about couple's love story gone sour in a popular tabloid has caught all our attention. We have guessed this one and are assuming that the tabloid is also talking about them. How about you?!
Here's what the tailpiece reads:
THE actor-producer would like to keep his love life under wraps, even though he's often out and about professing his passion for his young co-star. But now we hear the gent and his ladylove are in for a little separation. The lovers are supposedly on a break from each other, trying to go on with life and work as usual. The reason for this is a shocker: the two fathers of the actors met for a little tete-a-tete, and the girl's father requested the other to have his son stay away from his baby girl. Meanwhile, we wonder if `consenting adults' is out of fashion these days.

Credits: Mumbai Mirror

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Love, oh love. So beautiful yet not without trouble.

Lets see what happens

even i am anticipating a rumor announcing the 'reconciliation' of aditya roy kapoor and shraddha now that this 'breakup' of shraddha and farhan has been revealed. and to those who think that farhan left his wife for a hot girl. what a joke. farhan has worked with some of bollywoods most stunning women (when they were single) in the past. shraddha is an ambitious girl and i doubt this affair that has continued for over a year (and resulted in adhuna dumping farhan) was 'accidental' and because of farhan being around a 'hot girl'. but i really dont think shakti kapoor has the moral high ground to tell shraddha how to lead her love life though.

It's always baffled me as to how men like Aditya and Farhan (who's been with a really awesome Audhuna) fall for Shraddha. She's really, really pretty but beauty cant be only reason right? In KWK, KJo mentioned that Aditya likes girls with the whole babe in the woods act. Must be same with Farhan, coming fresh from a broken marriage.

Nah, there is something specific about Shraddha that drives her costars crazy (not a fan saying this) Even Aditya was lattoo over her. I think it's her innocent girl act.

Nah, she comes across free spirited and confident. Men are attracted to confident people too. Especially quiet guys like Aditya.

I really hope they don't get back together. They both deserve better. I mean they don't look good as a couple at all I'm really sorry it's true. Shraddha deserves another guy, someone dreamy and hunky. Farhan deserves a mature, hot lady. I hope it was a fling and better things await them in life. Good wishes to both ...

Damage control by Shakti Kapoor. But nothing can save her failing career now.Half Girl Friend and Haseena fail miserably at Box office.

There's rumors that she might have got Thugs of Hindustan, so....

Really believed that farhan left his wife for sharddha?!...maybe she is one of the reasons but most of this marriages are already on adhuna was pregnant from him while he was with his first what's happens now is KARMA...

Never knew he was married before Adhuna.

what are you talking about? Adhuna is his first wife

No!! Adhuna was his second wife. Farhan is hot and he knows it.

No, his first wife was Riya Jain....

No, she's not. Farhan's first wife is someone called Riya Jain who he divorced in 1995.

Woah, woah, woah. Now why can't KJo have the courage to bring this up? He will only badger new heroines with personal questions. Treat every guest equally KJo.

I cannot for the life of me visualize Javed Akhter and Shakti Kapoor in a conversation. hahaha...

There will be a blind or a news item
tomorrow saying Shraddha is back with Aditya, she always uses him to cover up her flings, she is very much dating Farhan, I think they are waiting till his divorce goes through.

Adi Rani Bani

LOLLLLL, I can't believe Farhan left his wife for Shraddha. Some people really have no brains

Once upon a time, I used to think Farhan Akhtar is the ideal man. This is sad...

I like Shraddha and Farhan individually as people, but I just dont get this relationship at all. It's not even the age thing that bothers me. What irks me the most is that sure, attraction may be there between the two (it's a natural human emotion), but acting on those attractions is not always the appropriate thing to do. I dont understand why people dont thing logically - has it become so easy to just divorce your wife of so long because you have a crush on some young, hot co-star? Has it become so easy to take things forward with a guy with growing children (no matter how hot you think he is)? It's okay to be friendly, flirt harmlessly, and hang out - that's all fine and acceptable. But nothing more than that should be happening - please learn to be logical, rational people with a moral compass. Dont let emotions and lust get the better of you. Sometimes I feel like Bollywood celebrities are way too emotional and dont use their brains - all their hormones run wild by constantly being surrounded by gorgeous and handsome co-stars. They dont act like responsible adults.

In addition to my above comment, I need to mention that I was the biggest Aditya-Shraddha shipper ever. Even after all this news of Shraddha and Farhan I was hoping Adi-Shraddha would get back together because it would make my heart very happy. But I have officially given up, moved on, and stopped hoping. I've realized that Aditya is way too kind, handsome, charming, and good-hearted to be interested in a girl who falls for a married guy with two children. She could have left her crush on Farhan as a crush - we all have crushes. (I mean, I'm a married girl with the biggest crush on Aditya!) But not everybody is gifted with maturity and logic - clearly not Shraddha. She could have been with the best guy in the industry (handsome, funny, down-to-earth, and charming), but instead she settled for a father of two kids. SMH.

Javed Akhtar & Shakti Kapoor . Any dad would be upset at his daughter dating (if u can call it that) a much older married man with grown up children to boot. The story of Shakti scuttling Shraddha's plans to move in with Farhan is probably true . Shraddha comes from a family with Bollywood connections ,thus escaping the need to struggle & sacrifice herself for her career. And Shakti does want her career to take off like the competition- Alia Bhatt , the liaison with a married man won't help her reputation or her career.

Joe Perry, Your analysis skills are on point!


Ajay Kajol & Kangana

lol....tabhi beti ka b'day yaad aaya hai

They are still together.

Farhan can go find someone his own age. How bout Manisha Koirala ?

Manisha is a survivor..she doesn't need any scum in her life!

this was an easy one

Adi Rani

Producer-actor: Farhan Akhtar

Actress: Shraddha Kapoor

Fathers: Javed Akhtar and Shakti Kapoor

Shakti Kapoor in action

Farnhan shraddha

Shradda and Farhan

Farhan. You know the rest.

its farhan akthar and shradda

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