This actress finally goes back to the film sets; shares a behind-the-scene photo! Guess who?

This actress was busy shooting at an exotic location outside India and is known for her chirpy nature. The Bollywood diva is now back to shooting her upcoming film. 
The actress even was in news for her drastic transformation from being chubby to completely fit. 
Guess who?
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Credits: Instagram

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Its Pari, she's shared on IG.. and looking by her photos on IG she does seem like quite a diva.. I really miss the simple Parineeti..

Bhumi Pednekar?

Pari Parneeti Chopra

Urmila want her to Sizzle on Screen again


her hair looks like preitys in dil chahtha hai

Go Sush

Sushmita Sen

Ahhh.... it's Sushmita sen.
After 7 years she is coming back.. best wishes for her..

Preity Zinta

When I heard Chirpy, I thought it was about Juhi Chawla. But the fat to fit angle has to be Parineeti only.

gosh it makes me mad when people dont appreciate good actresses. she very much did prove her acting talent...but she ended on a bad note..then took a 2 year break, she is talented and a very natural actor. I believe she needs to prove versatality however...she needs to up her game in that aspect. I hope MPB works for her.


Pareenti is not DIVA.. she is just here because of Priyanka..She never proved her acting talent

Only well known for getting into shape....She can be only a model but not actress...

Parineeti was shooting in Sri Lanka for something.

i dont think shes tring to be a diva so why make that reference?

Not everyone is a "diva" - use that for Rekha, Sushmita, Lara, maybe Deepika and Priyanka. Parineeti is far from a "diva". Please.

preity zenta


Sushmita Sen ?

Sonam kapoor

Pareeniti of course

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