An actor dating his co-star gets caught making out with another actress at KJo's bash! Guess who?

Guess Who is the actor caught making out with an actress at Karan Johar's bash whilst rumoured to be dating his current co-star.

A popular magazine has published this juicy blind that got us interested. Can you guess whom they are talking about?

A lil’ birdie from Karan Johar’s ‘only singles’ V-day bash has given us this juicy scoop. So this actor who is ‘allegedly dating’ his co-star from an upcoming film had his eyes (and lips and hands) set on this particular hottie all night. Our source informs that the two cosied up big time that led to a long marathon of smooching and making out… all night long.

We wonder what the actor’s girlfriend has to say about this umm… lip job.

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Credits: Filmfare

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looks like karan johar's parties happen only to give spicy news to media....

It could be sid-alia-jacquiline as well

amitabh and rekha

sushant,and if kjo is so mean,why does sushant go? does he not have self respect? if he's so self righteous dont go simple

U guys are amazing. A man who is a known womaniser is a victim for you but a girl who is just a costar u keep calling her as his girlfriend even though she has denied so many times.

What proof do you have that Sushant is a known womanizer? First provide solid proof then we'll talk. If he really cheated on Ankita, she would have easily called him out on it cuz she has nothing to lose anymore but she herself said he never cheated on her. What would she gain by lying???

If Fawad is here...most of the Indian actors wont find work...ranbir,ranveer,shahid,aditya,sushant,sid,varun,arjun...will be jobless...and he can replace srk as the king of romance...he is good and not greedy he doesn't take so much money...
Pleas post guys stop ignoring me...I miss him...

If you miss Fawad go to Pak because he is not coming back and we don't care for him.we like our own,...

Name the source. Made up and boring.

Boring blinds these past few months. Either the BTown celebs are behaving or they just got more secretive. Probably the latter!

LOL Is it Sushant? I don't like him at all

Sid-jackie and alia

Kajol & Emran Hashmi!

Another stunt directed by Karan Johar to make Sidharth Malhotra look straight.

This blind is really confusing like what is Karan upto? If he hates or dislikes Sushant so much then why did he offer him the lead in Tarun Mansukani's next? I read Jacqueline has already started training hard for it. And I also read that both Sushant and Shraddha were supposed to shoot together for this season's Koffee with Karan episode during her OK Jaanu promotions but her driver got into an accident so she had to cancel that. Of course people who hate Sushant for God knows whatever reason would love to believe and convince others that these allegations are true. But anyone else with basic common sense knows all these contradicting blinds are coming from KJo's camp cuz like Kangana said he's the ultimate Bollywood mafia man completely intolerant of outsiders!

Another blind of Susshant from KJO's party? Looks like the little birdy is Karan himself, and the blinds are all out to stop Susshant from making it because he's the only one that can give competition to Sid and Varun.

His fans are as deluded as he is

AB Rekha. ;-) They attended the KJo party, no ?

sushant and sophie

This blind,kjo-did Valentin post,kangana kwk post where you ignored every negative comment on kangana and just post the comments against karan...prove there is problems between you guys and kjo...
Ok you won't post but I gotchaaa...

its katrina and sushant guys !

Sushant Singh rajput and rhea chakraborty, read in Mirror

If it is indeed Rhea Chakraborty, boy have her standards decreased significantly. At one time she used to be Aditya Roy Kapur's flame. Both Rhea and Sushant seem like they're trying way too hard to fit in with the cool Bollywood crowd lol.

Didn't Rhea hook up with Ranbir few months ago? Does she even have any films on hand. Seems like she only goes to these parties to hook up

Alia and varun and the bride is natasha

I am sure Karan invites Sushant only n only so tat he gets some gossip post party to give to Bebo..

Sushant dating Kirti

Manish and Kangana. Kjo got jealous. lol

Sushant Singh Rajput ??? Ilooks like the blind is abt him... Allegeg gF - Kriti sanon ?


kat and SSR

sushant kriti and katrina.

sushant ans his co star is kriti and that hottie is kat the boyfriend stealer.

Sushant often finds himself the subject of vicious blinds from KJO camp. It is obvious that.Kjo doesn't like talents coming up outside Dharma or yash raj. He wants to have all young talents under his thumb following the pecking order he establishes. After manish malhotra bday party there was a blind alleging sushant annoyed the ladies. KJO is not happy sushant is doing better than Sid or Fawad and is a peer to RS. Sushant PR probably knows but cannot retaliate as the blow is given in the dark.PV please post.

That KJo is a mean girl....

It could be Aditya kapoor too right? Don't think Jackie would make out with sushant

Aditya is way too classy to be seen making out in a party - and that too KJo's party where everybody's ears/eyes/noses are on full mode looking for gossip to spread. So no, it's not him. And which actress is he supposedly dating anyways? Nobody.

Its Arjun Kapoor, dating Athiya Shetty her co-star....& making out with Malaika at party...

sushant & kriti . upcoming movie RABTA. How could she kiss sushant?

You genius its about sushant and sophie

It says hottie and not actress. So people are guessing Sophie. It could be malaika also. Sushant is an opportunist. I doubt Sophie will do anything for him unless he was just hooking up for pleasure.

Siddharth Malhotra!

Kriti has poor taste in men.

On Twitter they pretend to be all good and in reality they do things like this.

Come on jacquline. Movie promotion with this guy started before evn movie?

It says "another actress" so cant be Sophie - she's a singer. Jacqueline seems to fit the bill - though I like her too much to be attached to a loser like Sushant.

Sushant and crazy Kat.. need someone to hold onto. Despite woman!

If it is Sushant Singh, he wants to belong he falls into the trap of attending these parties of nepotists who hardly wish him success and ends up with a heavily tainted image.

Sushant and Jacqueline.

Wonder what else happens at such parties? A whole night of debauncery and scandals.

Sushant trying to be next Casanova ... He thinks it's cool to be Casanova :) lol poor soul

kirti sanon has no self respect

why did sophie went to single's bash? She has a fianceee

She doesn't. That engagement pic was promotion for her single.

if it was a singles bash why was he there in the first place if he's already dating???

hey bhagwan! ye sushant kaisa h character ka?

lol this why karan holds parties!

Sushanth and sophie chaudhary

Sushanth the culprit and the other sophie chaudhary? ?

sushanth?? and otherone sophie choudary??

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