Divorced actor loses out on girlfriend as his ex-wife makes another go for him!

Here is a piece of juicy and interesting gossip. Can you guess who?

SO this divorced actor, who is rumoured to be dating a married but separated woman, seems to have been dumped by her altogether. While we did hear of this news a few months ago, we presumed it was because he was having a rather public spat with an ex-girlfriend, and she (the married but separated woman) was put off by his chauvinism. But now we hear that it is his ex-wife who is making a play for him again, and he's fallen prey. Sounds complicated? Most crowded relationships are.

Credits: Mumbai Mirror

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Stopped believing these blinds after the Kangana fiasco. U guys posted so many blinds from her PR talking abt "Paris engagement" " 7 years affair" and wat not. When truth was her own mails showed that forget affair, she was not even in proper talking terms in Hrithik. And wat 7 yrs affair, she started stalking him only in Sept 2014 by mails much after he had separately. All this shows, these blinds are good only for timepass and not taken seriously. Some are planted by PR or Rivals too.

That I'm so angelic drama queen who else.

Shweta is from a respectable family... good for her she stepped back as HR and Suzanne have no faith.

First get divorce suddenly, have affairs with others, have law suits, finally career flops (both) and then patch up.. :D

Sab golmal Hai....

Silly Ex, aur kaun??

starting to think youre kagnana herself LOL

biggest liar of bollywood

This blind is not good for Blind fans of Hrithik who think he is so innocent..I just laugh at how sweet n innocent they are as they think he is an idol. The fact is he cheated on his wife more than 3 times. But no silly fans of silly ex will keep denying the truth.. LOL

Recently Suzanne shared a picture with Sweta. If there was something between them, why would Suzanne post a picture with Sweta?

Why do much hate toward hrithik???!!!...

But there were blind items saying that the Bachchans put him up to the case with Kangana . Even a few months ago there was something about Shweta house hunting to be with him in Bombay. Shweta was with HR throughout the legal case, it's more likely that he wants to make up with Susanne for the kids.

But u didn't notice Suzanne sharing a picture with Sweta. Wah.

Susanne may have done it to scuttle rumors . There were way too many blind items about Shweta for it all to be a fairy tale . What isn't nice is the way the press is portraying Susanne as a gold digger when she's been with him from the time he was a skinny nobody . Both made mistakes , what is wrong if they get back together ? If Shweta has trouble in her own marriage , maybe she should get out of that marriage.

Hrithik Roshan was never a "nobody".

Neither is Shweta separated nor was HR dating her. Have u even seen a Single pic of them together? These blinds are written by jobless persons who make a living out of destroying marriages of others.

Yes, even recently Suzanne shared a picture with Sweta.

All 3 of them are living a very confusing and sad life. All image and no substance. (Hrithik, Shweta and Suzanne.)

Hi Kangana!

Hi Rakesh!

Oh dear people...its indeed about hritik roshan-shweta nanda-kangana-Suzanne angle!!! Suzanne is making a go at hritik. And shweta nanda must have been put off by hritik's behaviour during his spat with kangana. Complicated hai bhai!!!

Even such Vicious blinds can't save the sinking ship that is Rangoon

Haha Hrithik is really a silly ex. Not even Shweta is willing to risk her image for him. So he and his ex wife deserve each other. Both are desperate attention seekers, both are so difficult to handle that no one wants to live with them and both are willing to betray friends to save their own reputation. I wish them the karma they deserve.

Hrithik Sussane Kangana and Sweta !

Hrithik Susanne and Shweta Bachchan

Karma getting back at hrithik

No, its getting back at you Kangy. get ready for a big flop...

Then, u shud be worried abt wat Karma has in place for that Queen of Lies.

Dumped by another woman....hahahahahahaha. Silly-ex indeed!

I think it is Saif - Kangana - Kareena - Amrita

Kangana says she is in a relationship n Saif confessed he cheated

Fake Blind alert.

Amazing how u declare the Retard as his EX GF. Or a Married woman as his GF. Praying for Rangoon to be a Disaster so that this Vile woman can stop sponsoring such Vile blinds out of frustration.

No. It's amazing how you declare Kangana to be a "vile" "Retard" when she is more honest, more intelligent, and more talented than you will ever be. (Hope you reap what you sow through your own vile thoughts and evil "prayers.")

I just pray that the marriage n relationship of whoever wrote such filthy blind for views breaks n maybe he or she rot in Hell. Anushka Sharma was right. Media makes a business of tainting people n breaking other people friendships n relationships.

This Blind looks as Fake as Paris engagement of a Crazy Retard. Looks planted by her only.

Whats up with Susanne? Make up your mind woman..

People buy this stuff? Anyone can write something and people fight over lmao

Hrithik, Shweta, Kangs & suzanne.... what a twisted tale

I really haven't understood why Hrithik and Suzanne split up in the first place.. I really hope they get back together..

You don't understand? Well the fact that one out of the two spouse happened to have cheated.

well then why are they getting back together? One of them will cheat again..

Good try Kangana. You are going the Deepika PC way! Get your OR to write any crap. Hrithik was never your ex. Maybe he as but in your head and over the internet. LOL Move on. Nobody wants you,

Calling Kangana his ex-girlfriend really shows that this blind is from Kangana. She is so jealous that Hrithik-Suzanne are getting back together. She should give up now and settle down with a pahadi.

And nobody her thus far finds it disturbing that Shweta Nanda is accused of infidelity? How disturbing. Even trying to imagine
it is disturbing

Yawn, bollywood blinds are getting as boring as the films

I don't believe it. This is just a rumor minus evidence.

It's clear that's kangana behind this...
1-Rangoon promotion...
2-spat with an EX-GIRLFRIEND you are not his girlfriend kangana maybe you were his mistress...
3-kangana or her PR keep on posting the same comment that hrithik will get back to his ex bc he wants to clean his image...com on he loved her and maybe he stills in love with her...
now go kanganadear and get married soon...
please post guys...don't be biased PV...please...

Jadooo roshan

now he has moved on to rakhi

Hrithik, despo Suzanne who misses the A list star lifestyle & Shweta Bachchan who will now be getting back with Nanda

how can so many women be so easily fooled by this man? its so sad

Same way Americans got fooled by Trump!! M

PV - PLEASE POST THIS (for the benefit of the person below)!...Yes, SRK has manipulated BO numbers before, too; however, here's why SRK's inflated numbers are NOT at all egregious, while Hrithik's inflated numbers are both egregious and ridiculous!... It is completely wrong for Hrithik to have claimed that "Krrish 3" earned over 200 crores because it did NOT, and NONE of Hrithik's movies have entered the 200-crore club! "Krrish 3" truly earned just under 176 crores. To be fair, SRK claimed that "Happy New Year" earned over 200 crores even though it truly earned 178 crores, but this manipulation doesn't matter because SRK's previous film, "Chennai Express," DID legitimately enter the 200-crore club already. (Unlike Hrithik, SRK did NOT fake a major milestone and prestigious achievement: like a first-time entry into the 200-crore club)! Moreover, Hrithik claims "Bang Bang" was a "hit" even though it didn't even recover its budget of 160 crores; it only earned 141 crores, so truly, it was a below average/FLOP (just like "KAABIL")! BOI just threw Hrithik a bone and called "Bang Bang" a "semi hit" for no reason; BOI fairly did the same for SRK's "Dilwale," which only earned about 140 crores even though it's budget was 165 crores. Here's the difference, though: Hrithik, to this day, has only bragged about the great "success" of his "hit" "Bang Bang," while SRK has been very open and honest about how "Dilwale" did NOT do well and it FAILED (in India). Hrithik's "Mohenjo Daro" was such a disastrous flop that no manipulation could save it, and the same goes for SRK's "Fan" (in India). But here's another difference: SRK has since had a legitimate "hit" with his film, "Dear Zindagi." Hrithik has NOT; "Kaabil" has not even yet recovered its budget of 89 crores, but he's dishonestly claiming it's a "hit" that has earned over 120 crores! And he's doing this within the context of a clash with his "friend," SRK, whose film, "Raees" has, in fact, recovered its budget of 127 crores, earned a small profit (in India), and has additionally become the "13th highest grosser EVER overseas." (P.S. In answer to your other question, YES, Kangana IS very honest about her personal life).

When did blind items become so boring? I miss the days of mysterious, juicy blind items!

Too obvious. Hrithik-Suzzane. Ex-gf is Kangana. Married but separated woman is Shweta Bachchan Nanda.

Hrithik and Shweta. She refused to go public with him because of his Kangana scandal. And suddenly, seeing that Hrithik is still in demand, Suzzanne has become interested in him again. ~ First world problems.

Why is this even a blind item? Everything is spelled out...no guess work here! Suzanne will never marry Hrithik again but she doesn't want to see him with anyone else.

Easy krithick roshan

Hritik, shweta bachchan, SuZ

Kangana is not his EX GF. Period

Yah keep telling yourself that. Obviously if you have to come here and explain!!

So many negative about Hrithik. hmm some body is burning to see him happy and back with the only and truly the love of his life.

Kareena Barbara Priyanka Katrina Shweta Kangana, the list goes on. Poor Suzanne, even she could not stand the constant adultery. How can a man be honest about personal life, if he manipulates even the box office? Hrithik is a liar, and I will never respect him again. if pinkvila again not to publish it, I'll will believe that Hrithik pays her a lot of money for your cooperation

Please kangana i request you to have some respect for women specifically a married women. Everyone is not like you to throw herself at disinterested men . Plus Suzanne is not the one who is despo so kindly stop portraying her as the one. PV POST

This only show one thing : HR never CHEATED Suzzane but she did.

Finally! Pinkvila published it. BUT! Was Skipped blind that it is interested Suzanne back for the reason that it brought him success. Many women have fallen victim of the chauvinism Hrithik will never respect him again. I post a comment for 3. Why pinkvilla biased so that every time it blocks ?.

A lot of blinds are just plain imagination based on rumours. This is one of them.

Rangoon promotions. i challenge kagana to prove her engagement and relationship with Hrithik. Liar changes her statements everyday.

kangana bs kardo hrithik ki jaan chod do ab.

Liar Hritik. As the saying goes no smoke with out fire.

shweta, kangana,sussanne and the man is hrithik, only god knows how many women he has slept with

Last lines only proved own thing that is Hrithik only love one woman and marry her. He cant forget her at all.Waht ever he said that she decided ot leave him also turn out to be true True love.

Hrithik wants Suzanne back not because it is a "real love" but because he needs to fix his career and clean image. he knows that next to Suzanne he was much more successful. This man will never do anything without their benefits

Its suzzane who want him back to enjoy star wife status. She is making the moves. Hrithik doesnot need to clean his image as its already clean. You can do anything to bring him down.

Hritik is a LIAR but truth always finds it way out!! M

Hrithik is not a lair. Truth is out he never dated kangana. See what shahid kapoor said about her. K

Kangana said that Hrithik played loud music in the morning and kissing him was gross as he was always talking about his runny nose. Shahid said this was made up and he couldn't remember it but I can totally imagine this happening. Maybe he just forgot.

Hrithik played loud music?? Mixing Hrithik and Shahid??

Link please.

Check dna please. Link is on twitter.

Hrithik Roshan, Shweta Bachchan Nanda, Suzanne Roshan

Hrithik Roshan, Shweta Bachchan Nanda, Suzanne Roshan

" having a rather public spat with an ex-girlfriend," this one sentence says all that from where it comes from. Dear kangana he has never in relationship with you.it was all imagination as shahid kapoor said "kangana makes up stuff in her head"

Oh Hrithik, Kangana did not force you to manipulate the box office, you lied even about the box office, you can be honest about your personal life

Hritik, shweta, Susanne and kangna

Hrithik never dated any married woman. Kindly show some respect for a married woman please.

hrithik - susanne and shwetha bachchan

kangana stop it now Even shahid said you make stuff in your own head.

Oh Hrithik, Kangana did not force you to manipulate the box office, you lied even about the box office, you can be honest about your personal life?

Lol stay to the topic. do you have any evidence of him manipulating the box office? No! please everyone manipulate box office today even srk did so why single out one?See a nice article about it on BL and indicine. His personal life is none of your businesses. Is your kangana is honest about her personal life? Focus on your personal life please.post it pv be neutral

Nothing to do with Kangana it all started way before with Kari, Barb and so on so forth. He has so much to hide hence always told media to not ask any qs regarding KR.

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