This once-top filmmaker is unable to get through current-day leading actress whom he had directed in 80s'! - Guess Who

We got our hands on this juicy bit of gossip in a magazine, and while we are busy scratching our heads and figuring out who are they talking about, can you guess who!?

A once-top filmmaker, who used to be considered ahead of his time during his golden years in the 90s, is feeling slighted by a current-day leading Bollywood actress. The director, who had a solid reputation especially when it came to mounting slick productions, directed a top female star of the 80s in one of her biggest runaway hits. But now he can’t get this actress to so much as return his calls or respond to the messages he has sent her through multiple common acquaintances.

The filmmaker is not unaware that he is commonly regarded as a spent force, but also feels it is only fair that the actress should hear him out before making up her mind about him. The director has a script that he thinks she will be perfect for, and is open to the idea of the actress producing the project under her fledgling outfit.

But insiders of the actress’ team say they have already communicated to him that she is not interested in making the kind of film he has reached out to her with - a dark thriller on the same lines as one she recently produced. She is looking to expand her range and not repeat herself.


Credits: OPEN Magazine

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Read it again, not one of the actresses who were big in the 80's are current day leading actresses (the actors, of course, get to hang on) . Could be Subash Ghai or N. Chandra for Madhuri ; Shekhar Kapur for Sridevi . The current actress would be Anushka Sharma who can be hoity toity at times . Masand needs to phrase his words better.

Kajol & Rajiv Rai!!

it is a stupid blind written incorrectly. it is saying the director is someone who in the 80s worked with a top actress and gave her a big hit but now is chasing today's actress who did the production of a dark thriller i.e. Subhash ghai and anushka sharma with the 80s actress being madhuri.

"a dark thriller on the same lines as one she recently produced"

Which 80s actress has produced a dark thriller recently and is still a top actress? Sounds like a fake blind to me.

Deepika and RGV

Anushka sharma?

RGV and anushka sharma

You would have to be crazy to turn down shekar Kapur , but then again his films never get made, he gets an idea and then gets lazy, whatever happened to Paani?. It's subhash ghai maybe.

Sri and Shekhar Kapoor . He's not exactly very Bollywood in spite of Mr India , so I don't see how he can be a spent force after directing so many Hollywood biggies. That description is more suited to Subhash Ghai.

Why is Sridevi rejecting so many movies. What happened to the one with Salman Khan films?

Sridevi she was a big star in the 80s. Manisha and Madhuri were big in the 90s so it can't be them

Manisha Koirala nd Subhash Ghai

But prob sridevi and shekhar kapur - they did mr india.

Sridevi did several movies with K. Raghavendra Rao. But Idk :/

Did karisma kapoor who produced dangerous ishq ? or madhuri for dedh ishqia

it says current day leading actress - both are not.

Shekhar Kapur & Sridevi?

Subash Ghai & Madam Madhuri.

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