Filmfare blind item - 2 actresses go under the knife

Here is the blind item from Filmfare

Actresses’ going under the knife seems to have become the order of the day! And we’re not just talking about the 40-somethings. Two 20-year-old actresses, who have also worked in a film together and are both referred to as firebrands, recently took the help of surgery to better their looks. One underwent liposuction while the other opted for a rhinoplasty. PS: The actress, who underwent rhinoplasty, had to go for additional correction surgery, as her nose job went horribly wrong. Well, what can we say? Except that the industry is full of plastic dolls!

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Sabu... I think you guessed it! Shazahn is a 20-something actress who has had multiple nose jobs for sure. But I don't know about Jacqueline for the second 20-something actress for the liposuction. Maybe Zarine? They worked together in Housefull 2. There were stories about how Zarine slimmed down a lot before she joined the industry so she might be having issues with the weight coming back?

surgery did wonders to Priyanka Shilpa and Sridevi
They Y not ???

But for Anushka.. it is completely ruining her !!!
her plump pouting lips are soooo prominent & tacky

anuskha and parineeti....

I guess Anushka did both lip & nose job

shazahn padmasee & jacqueline fernandes....

Some people are trying to dodge the fact that it is Katrina when we all know that Katrina has gone under the knife ever since and is still doing that just count parineeti out no such changes on her

It's for sure not Anushka. Her nose is the same .
To me it seems like deepika ( she has for sure done a nose job).

* point

I haven't noticed any change with Anushka's nose, it's her lips that changed.

And I saw Parineeti's pics from the Stardust awards and she was still chubby, she was wearing an exposed midriff so she couldn't hide something like that!

Filmfare is probably talking about those 2 ladies, I don't doubt that, but I do doubt the legitimacy of this news...

the first guesses to my mind were Katrina and Anushka..Anushka had that lip thing done, but Kat has disappeared for a while now...still how many surgeries is this girl going to have?


Parineeti is a blunt girl. why would she do nose surgery. I bet Priyanka advice her to do it. Evil needs company. I always find Parineeti blunt and Hyper. Some people take this fame thing too seriously, so they will do anything.

its a shame that filmfare would write such about two girls iwho have given yash raj hits in such a demeaning way.

why are the people who comment here care about such crap topics, anushka and katrina or anushka and parineeti, ok we knew, what is the need of repeating the same, not worth that gaga.

anushka and parineeti.

It's obvious both Katrina and anushka have touched their faces parineeti actually looks the same and ok so it's definitely Katrina and anushka. Mind you parineeti is not as firebrands as kat and anushka as mentioned in the article

Parineeti and Anushka

It sounds more like Parineeti and Anushka than Anushka and Katrina. The giveaway is 'both referred to as firebrands' - both Anu and Pari are very lively onscreen as opposed to Katrina. Anu and Parineeti were seen together in LVRB too. Parineeti did look like she had lost weight from what I saw of her at the Stardust Awards recently and she has always said that she puts on weight easily- she still looks healthy though but it's sad she went for such a procedure when she could have opted for a healthier diet etc. We all know about Anu's botched up lip and nose jobs - the photos are there for everyone to see.

There were rumours that Katrina got a liposuction done for Sheila ki Jawani, and she probably keeps getting them apart from her botox and cheek fillers. Anushka is definitely one of the girls in this article...not sure about Parineeti because she looks the same, but maybe she got a recent lipo done.

Anushka and Parineeti, Katrina can't be referred to as 'firebrand'!

Anushka & Katrina ?

Definitely Anushka for Rhinoplasty but cant figure out who went for liposuction....

Parineeti & Anushka?

Katrina anushka!

Anushka and Katrina. Katrina use Botox every year and at the time of Sheila ki Jawani there was rumor of her liposuction.

This does not seem reliable at all. Yes, Anushka definetly got her lips done (which seems to be wearing off thank god) and looks different because she's losing weight for her role in PEEKAY. Once that film is over and her lip injections have worn off, she will be back to normal(THANK GOD)
I highly doubt katrina got liposuction because a) shes always been skinny and b)she works out and eats healthy, shes even said that in interviews.
People just like to sensationalize everything these days.

I do not like these items, not the level of filmfare to do such things. bad

i dont hink anushka sharma has undergone any surgery the change in her looks may be due to
weight lose n makeup
and why does kat undergo a surgery ?? she has done enough n now there is nothing to change :D

it must be priyanka and illiana
coz i notice her lips have got a fuller look resonantly which looks actually bad i think she undergo a correction surgery

kat and anushka

The full length pic looks very like Katty. She is big boned & will put on weight later in life. Anushka always had issues with her looks surprises there.

Katrina's stomach was horrible the last time she performed on stage..guess it is true

Anushka n parineeti!!!

One is Anushka , whose surgery is visible..
but why would katrina go for lipo, she isnt fat :O : O

of course kat and anushka ! nd the movie is JTHJ ! well kat looks bttr now a days ! but anushka's lip job is horrible !!

lol this is such a stupid rumor!! lol kat have done a lipossucion oh stop this shit news she don't need it ! she is already thin!
i hope no one can believe that!
i don't say kat is 100% natural because her nose is different but lippossucion is a joke
i'm pretty sure that kat have done a rhinopolasti post ajab prem gazab kahani because she brake her nose on set.

but she don't have made a lipossucion this is a most stupid blind item!
And they should add all heroine in this item because all heroine have made surgery, if it's not the nose it's jaw line, or boobs, or lips, lipossucion, botox.....
all heroine none is 100% natural when you checked their old picture we see the difference so stop this!

Katrina and Anushka. Anushka plumped her lips but also got her nose curved which turned out horribly and I'm sure she heard the criticisms about it. She looks a little better now with the corrective surgeries done.

However, didn't know that Katrina needed to have liposuction. Damn! What fat are we talking about here..?!

Katrina n Anushka

ANUSHKA SHARMA out loud and katrina! What a pity! Esp anushka. Given her age

Oh dear, Is this gossip source even reliable? Not that I'm in denial that something went wrong with Anushka's facial features lately, but still...a rhinoplasty? I thought that allegedly she only collagen pumped her lips...

"Two 20-year-old actresses, who have also worked in a film together"

Anushka / Katrina === Jab Tak Hai Jaan
Anushka / Pariniti === Ladies vs Ricky Bahl

anushka-katrina for sure!
i dont think its true though. Katrina may have had done something before but her figure cant be considered a liposuction without any proof. And Anushka looks slightly different nowadays... i dont know why. a lip-job *maybe* but nose-job? dont think so.
Anyways, it doesnt matter.

I don't think it's Katrina, she wouldn't be referred to as 'firebrand'.. It's probably Anushka and Parineeti(LVRB).. I could be wrong too..

Anushka and katrina....

omg Anushka Katrina


Lol Katrina n Anushka

Anushka & Katrina???

Anushka and Katrina????

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