guess who

Can u guess who is the bollywood celeb in these pics? It's very easy! Try it out! ;)

Answer: Ranveer Singh

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Credits: self

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Rnveer sigh

HAHA ! only Ranveer Singh can do these stuff ! omg i love him !

Ranveer singh

This is Ranveer Singh doing a 'KISS' act. Pretty good!

bittoo sharma

Ranveer Singh ..

Raveer Singh !!

Ranveer singh

RANVIR SINGH obviously lol.,

Ranveer Singh Bhavnani!
Now i wonder for which photoshoot the pics are?

ranveer singh

tht ranveer guy...sorry but he's too wannabeeeeeeee

ranveer singh


With that nose.. Ranveer Singh!!!

he looks weird n...a! :P


OMG Ranvir Singh

Ranvir sing

Farhaan Akhtar

its ranveer singh


ranbir kapoor




The guy from band baja barat?

Ranveer Singh.....

Ranveer Singh!!!

ranveer singh! that nose

Ranvir Singh!

Ranvir Singh!!

Ranveer of course his smile and ears

very easy - its lovely ranveer ! ( i knw not so lovely here lol!)

Ranvir Singh... for sure!!!

ranbir kapoor

Akshay Kumar

Ranveer Singh!!!

ranveer frm band baaja baarat

no need to even look beyond the thumbnail! :)

ranveer singh.. not because he is recognisable.. but because he has courage to try something different.. no inhibitions

Ranveer singh :D

Ranveer !!

Ranveeeerrr Singh :) that's obvious ya knowww

ranvir shing

Ranveer of Band Bajaa BAraat

Easy.... Ranveer Singh!!!

Ranveer Singh!!

I think its ranvir singh...lookin rather gothic!!!

Ranveer Singh..

Ranveer Singh, i assume! Or Ranbir Kapoor, but not sure!

Ranvir Singh ;)

Ranveer Sigh methinks...

ranveer singh!

Ranveer Singh!

its the band baaja baraat guys

saif ali khan.


Ranveer Singh


ranveer !


ranvir singh

Haha! Ranvir Singh!

Lol ....who else could it be ? I haven't seen any other pictures or poses of him except in such outrageous photoshoots. Looks like he knows well how to hide his face. Not bad ! It's Ranvir Singh.

ranveeeeeeer singh!

ranveer singh 4 sure

Ranveer doubt

ranvir singh
who else

Ranveer for sure.

ranveer singh no doubt

Ranveer Singh ;D

Ranveer Singh! I kinda like these!

it's Ranveer Singh...

Ranvir singh


ranveer kapoor

ranvir kapoor

Ranveer Singh !!!

Ranveer Singh !!!!

Oh dear god ranveer singh! These stills are making me laugh so badly!

Ranveer singh

its ranveer singh

Ranvir singh....Looks like he has a penchant for the dark side.

ranvir singh

ranvir singh !!


Ranveer singh..!! LOL.. :P

ranvir singh!!


ranveer singh of band baja baraat :::)))

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