Guess Who: Parivaar mein daraar? Superstar refuses to give dates for family’s action drama remake

Can you guess who the actor in question is?
Guess Who,guess who,bollywoodGuess Who: Parivaar mein daraar? Superstar refuses to give dates for family’s action drama remake
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The action comedy was one of the highest-grossing films in the history of that country, based in Asia - and one of the reasons why the superstar’s relatives snapped up the remake rights at a very high price at an international film festival. Once the superstar’s last movie released, a grand announcement for this movie was expected soon. But now everybody is keeping quiet. After his last release didn’t do as well as expected at the box-office, the superstar has become extra cautious about signing a new movie. The actor, whose mere presence, sets the box-office ablaze is wary about signing his relative’s or friend’s movies, as he has burned his fingers more than once. Matters haven’t helped because his last few releases also haven’t done too well as the BO.

The superstar has signed only two movies till now – one of which is half complete and the other, directed by a top filmmaker, will roll this year. The filmmaker is known to take his time for making his big budget extravaganzas and people close to the superstar are wondering what he will do next if that film takes a year to complete. When his relatives approached him with the Asian remake a few months ago, the superstar was highly enthusiastic about it. The relatives started talks with one of the leading actresses and an announcement was to be made soon.

The director was almost finalised too. He was earlier one of the superstar’s favourites, having given some blockbusters over the years, but the superstar and the director had a fallout over one of their releases. It didn’t do well at the box-office, and the superstar blamed the director for that. Since then they are not talking to each other. The director has announced his next projects (including a web series) and this left him fuming more as he had no clue about it. The relatives started talks with another director, known for his action dramas and who has worked with the superstar, but that is hanging in limbo as the actor is not giving dates.

This is causing much stress in the family (especially those on standby waiting for his dates) as the superstar is always known to help out his relatives and friends. He has always been a rock-solid support system for his entire family. But he has been let down so many times in the past that this time, he is taking his own time to decide. One of his relatives has moved on with his production with other actors as he has been in limbo (waiting for his brother’s dates) for many years. Buzz is that the superstar is in talks with a producer who recently gave a huge blockbuster, a South Indian remake. They have never worked together but the producer has an exciting script (another South Indian remake) ready for him.

The top filmmaker, whose movie the superstar will begin shooting for soon, will take his own time in completing it. A long schedule rolls all over India and abroad. In the meantime, the superstar is in no hurry to sign any movie as of now…


Shahrukh Khan



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