Beyoncé’s Homecoming Review: Coachella to Beychella, Queen Bey's 22 years journey to HOME is inspiring

Beyoncé dropped her film Homecoming a day back which is a summation of her hard work of 22 years of her musical career in a 2-hour of legendary performance at Coachella 2018. Not only do we see Queen Bey on camera, but she is also the guiding light behind the scenes.
Beyoncé’s Homecoming Review: Coachella to Beychella, Queen Bey's 22 year journey to HOME is inspiring Beyoncé’s Homecoming Review: Coachella to Beychella, Queen Bey's 22 year journey to HOME is inspiring
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While the world was asleep, one of the most renowned names in the global music industry dropped her film on Netflix and it is none other than Queen Bey, Beyoncé. Beyoncé’s film titled as ‘Homecoming’ is now streaming on Netflix and the Beyhive is freaking out already. We got to take a look at the legendary documentary which is directed, produced and created by Beyoncé-Knowles Carter. Taking us all back to Coachella 2018, Beyoncé and her team kickstart the documentary with an iconic opening act at the Coachella show.

Even before Beyoncé takes the stage, her team of super talented dancers from the historically black colleges and universities aka ‘HBCU’ set the tone for the upcoming legendary performance. Slowly, as Beyoncé emerges from the well-designed pyramid, we can see fans shouting out, ‘beychella beychella’ and then, Queen Bey croons ‘Crazy in Love’ and the ‘Beyhive’ flip out. The documentary slowly and steadily decodes the story of the first ever African-American woman headlining Coachella and marking her return to her ‘home’ - the stage after giving birth to her twins. 

20 minutes into the Coachella 2018 performance, Beyoncé takes us behind the scenes where we get to see the not-so-sexy side of the work that went into curating this legendary performance. Beyoncé shares the emotional reason behind picking students from HBCU and how she wanted her Coachella performance to mean something more than regular concerts for her black community. “I wanted every person who has been dismissed in their life, due to the way they look, to be there on the stage with me and kill it,” says Queen Bey. She also wanted a complete black orchestra for her show and decided to keep the identities of the dancers different and true to their personalities. “I wanted all to be proud of themselves. We were able to create a free space with our performance, where none of us was marginalised.” 

We see a motivated, controlled and detail-specific side to Beyoncé in the BTS snippets in between which she emotionally connects with her team of dancers, singers, drummers and crew backstage. From picking the dancers to musicians to light and sound design of the 3 different stages, Beyoncé worked on everything herself for Coachella. Overwhelmed by Beyoncé’s speech and motivating words, her background dancers display a sense of deep connection with the Coachella performance. Beyoncé mentions that she themed the show to glorify the black culture and that itself ends up becoming the true crowning glory of her film, Homecoming. 

Even before all the hard work for the performance began, Beyoncé welcomed her twins in the world which was a moment of sheer happiness for Jay Z, Blue Ivy and her. However, she also acknowledged, her body wasn’t the same as before and she would have to triple the hard work to get back her strength to rehearse for 15 hours straight and still have the energy to perform. We see her struggle in trying to maintain a balance between becoming a new mom to twins and also living her dream of headlining Coachella. We see Beyoncé prepping for Coachella for over a year with 4 months of dance practices, 4 months of musical planning and rest for run-throughs. By this time, we understand when Queen Bey says, ‘It takes a village to put together a great show.”

From the BTS snippets, the documentary pans to the performance at Coachella and we see a surprise reunion of Destiny’s Child on stage. The three ladies dance it out. Apart from them, Beyoncé’s sister Solange and her hubby Jay Z also perform with her to make for one memorable night. With the eyes of the black community on her, we can see Beyoncé pushing herself to the maximum, the end result of which reflects in her performance at the epic show. 

Not only was Beyoncé able to become the FIRST ever African American woman to perform at Coachella, but also glorified the black culture at a global level. All in all, Beyoncé’s Homecoming brings out the emotional side to her mind-blowing performance at Coachella 2018 with a message for all to never give up on their hopes and dreams and to work hard to achieve them. This is one film that is worth watching if you are in the need for some inspiration.

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