Game of Thrones Ending LEAKED: Not Daenerys Targaryen or Jon Snow but THIS Stark will sit on the Iron Throne?

Spoiler Alert! The Game of Thrones ending has been leaked and it reveals the fate of Daenerys, Jon Snow and others surviving on the show. It also reveals who sits on the Iron Throne.
Game of Thrones Ending LEAKED: Not Daenerys Targaryen or Jon Snow but THIS Stark will sit on the Iron Throne?Game of Thrones season 8 ending LEAKED: Not Daenerys or Jon Snow but THIS Stark will sit on the Iron Throne?
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Game of Thrones season 8 leaks have been shockingly true. While we were taking every leak with a pinch of salt, most of the leaks have turned out to be true. From Euron's fleet killing Rhaegal to Cersei capturing and executing Missandei, several plot pointers were revealed months ago and eventually turning into reality. Given these leaks credibility, it seems safe to assume we have the answers to who sits on the Iron Throne in the Game of Thrones season 8 episode 6.

Before you proceed, we warn you: SPOILERS AHEAD! As per a leak on a Reddit thread, neither Daenerys Targaryen nor Jon Snow will be crowned the King or Queen and take their place on the Iron Throne. Instead, a Stark family member will be seated on the Iron Throne. While our choice would be Sansa Stark and many on the internet wish Arya Stark to take over the Iron Throne and rule the seven kingdoms. The leak claims that Brandon Stark will be seated on the throne. 

Here's a quick rundown at the leak: 

Jon Snow kills Daenerys: 

The final season showed Dany's arc turn from the Khaleesi to the Mad Queen vibe. The Queen ruined King's Landing in episode 5. As per the leak, Jon Snow will bring an end to Dany's mad reign by killing her. The leak suggests Jon will stab Dany and eventually surrender himself. Get ready for some "Queen Slayer" tags online. 



When the sky falls down upon them. #GameofThrones

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Tyrion's uncertain fate: 

Well, it's no news that the makers of GoT have shot several endings for the show. But it is news that Tyrion will be arrested for releasing his brother Jaime ahead of the King's Landing attack. He will be put on a trial. Leaks suggest that he will die eventually but the cause of his death is still unknown. Tyrion's trial takes place in a dragon pit. But before he dies, he will try to turn Jon against Dany. 

Bran for King: 

One of the endings claims to be that a council is formed to decide the rightful king. Tyrion delivers a moving speech and everyone votes for Bran as King. Meanwhile, Jon returns to the Night's Watch to become the 1,000th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. Arya also leaves King's Landing. Tyrion, Davos, Sam, and Bronn form the council under Bran. 

What do you think of the ending? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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After the writers got all anti-Trump outside the show I personally no longer care, won't be watching.

no amount of alcohol is going to save D&D anymore


Arya kills Dany and jon is ruled as king. Tyrion becomes hand of the king. Sansa rules as warden of the north. Arya becomes kingsguard

Jon will not be king. Neither will bran. After dany and jon are out of the picture, the only heir will be gendry

Who decided to label Dany as "mad?" What's "mad" about deciding that her previous style of ruling from a position of honesty and equity did nothing but set her up for betrayal by the three out of the four people she had left to trust and kinda left her sitting on the "Chump Queen" throne...
Her turning the neighborhood into a sandbox and liquidating citizens in a fast New York minute, is what comes of disloyalty and deception, not "madness." She should continue to rule, with the dragon. Go back to the "no slavery" stance. She should hook up with an Idris Elba type guy.

Jon Snow is over it -- he's become tired and indecisive. He should leave it all behind and join his friends in the north. Relax -- play ball with the wolf.

Sansa lacks insight, and she's a snotty bigot. Definitely Queen material.

Arya ought to marry the guy who asked her, quit fighting and have fun. Try dancing and train a troupe of small dogs to amazing tricks.

Bran is not ruler material. Can't sit up straight, given to fits of eye-rolling narcolepsy -- worst choice possible. Better off giving Botany/Fortune Telling a try. Updated hairstyle would help his image.

Tyrion. His best thinking was to double-cross Dany and hatch a plot to help the two most vile people in town: Cerscei and Jamie escape. More likely to get shot off a throne than to rule off one...

Grey Worm: Has awesome leadership qualities and is the most overlooked person in the batch. I vote for Grey Worm.

Samwell: Would make a great Hand to the King. Level-headed and intelligent. I vote for Sam.

You have a lot of imagination, shame its all shit and you making no sence. Daenerys character was destroyed, read a good book so you understand character development.
You cant just make a character turn 180° to make the show dramatic.
This is tge first time in my lufe i tell skmeone their opinion is shit.

Spoiler hunnh....bullshit it is. The perfect ending will be Arya Stark killing Dany...Sansa warden of the north....Jon Snow to Wall? Why the wall is needed? Wildling allies and dead army gone. Jon will go North where he belongs as Tormund said and unite with Ghost. Now who will sit on the Iron Throne? I think it had to be Gendry along with or may be without Arya. Or alternatively Tyrion and Sansa can be given Throne and Arya as Warden of the North.

Bran becoming king is bullshit. He is the 3 eyed Raven, he even rejected to be Lord of winterfell, so don't think he will agree to be a king, unless he is night king and it's all part of his plot, but that seems unlikely, there is no point Jon going to night watch, as there no night king there now.i think pobable Jon kills Dany and Jon or other stark will king/queen ie. Arya.

Here's an alternative from me... Unless you're on a killing spree
After the mother's fury comes the mother's mercy.

Danny realizes the damage she's done (maybe prompted by jon) and wants to die, but realises that she's a pregnant. Although Jon is happy ro hear this, he finds it hard to believe that she'll change.

Meanwhile the baby is born and motherhood changes Danny abit...
However, fir the realm jon deserts Danny and Danny succumbs to depression and eventually dies giving birth to a baby girl.

Jon realises his action killed Danny and in remorse takes the black.

The baby girl is raised by sansa and arya to have a gentle heart and a fierce self...

She is the balm to the six kingdoms... Kings landing no more...

The soothing song of ice and fire...

Let me know your thoughts

The show has been rushed so much now that I don’t think it really matters anymore.

Son of Aegon and Danny

Are you kidding me. This leak has been floating around reddit for 2 weeks now and you guys post it as if its new. These websites are B.s nowadays only click nothing new

I am a GOT fan and I have no access fo any leaks. But if what I am writing below becomes right then please do get me a beer. These are the possiblities that can happen

1. The mad queen will try to burn Jon snow by dragon fire but he doesnt get burnt because he is Targaryen or the dragons dont respond to her. Plus he is some kind of fire demi God.

2. Arya changes face kills jon because she has seen that a Targeryian can change anytime and become a mass murderer. And Jon snow who is her kind of brother is still a targaryen and has legitimacy to the iron throne. She might do same thing to the mad queen. Both Targaryians are a threat to Winterfell and both can control dragons.

3. Sansa becomes the queen and Arya is her hand because they are family

4. Sansa marries Tyrion because there is no one left wiser than him and he also loves her (highly unlikely but possible)

5. Ser Davos has to complete the favour of Tyrion and he can bring someone out of the blue (maybe the Yara Greyjoy). Or maybe he gets the dragon killed.

Bran is a three eyed raven. He doesn't want to be a king.


Somebody will have to take bran from wheelchair to iron What will jon do in nights watch? Build the wall destroyed by zombie dragon?

What ever the ending, who ever sits in the iron throne being a fan of GOT I must say season 8 is super flop.

I agree with you. Its super disappointing!

This season has been a total disappointment.But this ending takes the disappointment to whole another level.

What's the Night's Watch for? The white walkers are dead. The free folk/wildlings were allies. Jon Snow going up there seems silly.

What will happen to SANSA then?
Dany went Mad with grief, the dragons were(like) her children and Missandei was her biggest supporter, and seeing them die in a second was traumatizing, she took decisions in a wave of haste anger!

Sansa has a green eyes!

How to penalize the dragon?

most stupid spoiler I've ever read

It is true

We can only hope they purposefully leaked allowing some truths to give a surprising end. If these leaks true this would make me never want to watch seasons over.

Why would Jon go back to the Nights Watch? There's no need for a Nights Watch anymore. It was to guard against the walkers and lately the Wildings. I think those have been resolved!

The ending was very abrupt, but doesn’t make sense to have Bran on the throne, it could more likely be Tyrion..

He will find another spiral formation far north in last scene signifying there are more groups of white walkers and the fight between the living and dead will continue forever.

Who writes spoilers in the title? So stupid

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