Happy Birthday Tom Hanks: 10 fascinating facts about Toy Story 4 star that will amaze you

Tom Hanks celebrates his 63rd birthday today. On the occasion of his birthday, here are a few interesting facts about the Toy Story 4 star you should know.
Happy Birthday Tom Hanks: 10 fascinating facts about Toy Story 4 star that will amaze youHappy Birthday Tom Hanks: 10 fascinating facts about Toy Story 4 star that will amaze you
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Before we dive into the article, we would like to wish Tom Hanks a happy birthday and amazing year ahead. Thank you for all the memorable characters you have given us. Right from lovable Forrest Gump to heart touching Sheriff Woody from Toy Story 4 and the jaw-dropping performance as Andrew Beckett in Philadelphia, we love every character you've brought to life on screen. While we know a lot about Hank's on-screen characters, on the occasion of his 63rd birthday, we decided to peep into his life off the screen and bring forward some interesting facts about the "nicest guy in Hollywood". 

Tom's off-screen life has been in the spotlight for various reasons. For starters, did you know Hanks is related to former President Abraham Lincoln? Yes, the two icons share family ties. Also, were you aware that Hanks charged nothing upfront for Forrest Gump? Well, if these facts entice you, go ahead for more such fascinating facts about Tom Hanks: 

1. Tom Hanks and Abraham Lincoln's connection: Remove four generations and Tom Hanks is the third cousin of the former President. They share common ties via John Hanks. He was the great-great-grandfather of Lincoln and Tom Hanks' six-time great-grandfather.

2. Long before he was an actor, Hanks reportedly worked as a vendor at Oakland Coliseum. 

3. Another job he took up before making his acting debut was of a hotel bellman. He has carried bags of famous celebrities which include Cher, Slappy White, Sidney Poitier and Bill Withers.

4. While the world obsesses over the latest gadgets, Tom Hanks collects vintage typewriters. The actor has at least 80 vintage typewriters. Can we get one, Mr Hanks? 

5. Following his amazing portrayal in Apollo 13, NASA decided to name an asteroid they discovered in 1996 as "12818 tomhanks” to honour him. 

6. Are there Doctor Who fans in the house? Oh you're going to love this then. Hanks is reportedly a fan of the renowned British science-fiction series. 

7. Forrest Gump is undoubtedly one of Hanks' career-best movies. Hanks was so sure the movie would perform that he chose to take a share on return instead of taking a cheque upfront. His gamble worked in his favour with the actor earning as much as $40 million from the movie. 

8. Oh Captain, My Captain: Did you know, Hanks played the Captain in four movies: Apollo 13 (1995), Saving Private Ryan (1998), Captain Phillips (2013), and Sully (2016).

9. He is the second actor to have won the Oscar for the Best Actor continuously for two years. He took home the Academy Award for Philadelphia (1993) and Forrest Gump (1994). Spencer Tracy was the first actor to do so with Captains Courageous (1937) and Boys Town (1938).

10. Hanks shares his birthday with musicians Jack White, David O’Hara, and Courtney Love. He also shares his special day with actor Chris Cooper. 

Happy Birthday, Tom Hanks! 

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