WWE News: John Cena believes he is the last 'FACE' of the company

John Cena was recently asked who he sees as the next face of WWE to which the wrestler stated that he doesn't see just one wrestler leading the company. Read below to know more on what John had to say on the same.
John Cena thinks that there isn't a universal figure who will lead the WWE, going forward.John Cena thinks that there isn't a universal figure who will lead the WWE, going forward.
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For more than a decade, the ambassador of 'Hustle, Loyalty, Respect', John Cena was the face that carried WWE on his trusted shoulders. After The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin bid farewell to the company, it was up to John Cena to take the legacy forward and that is exactly what the wrestler did. Whether you are amongst the 'Let's Go Cena' or 'Cena Sucks' fanbase, you can't help but realise the massive contribution by Cena to WWE, both within and outside the company.

Now that John has taken a backseat to focus on his Hollywood career, the wrestler was asked who the next 'John Cena' will be in WWE. To this John commented, "I don’t think there’s a universal figure that will lead the company forward. I think as the company grows, and especially expands globally, you’re gonna have like a ‘Super Friends’ of the WWE. Which is like people who are essentially fighting for an equal share of popularity." He explained that the audience now is universal and not age specific like how it was when Hulk Hogan, The Rock and Stone Cold were the faces of WWE.

Hence, Cena believes that he is the last person that will be considered as the face of WWE!

Do you think John's comments are true or do you see an upcoming wrestler as the potential face of WWE? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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Meanwhile, John last appeared in WWE during a segment which took place with Elias at Wrestlemania 35. The wrestler brought back his Doctor of Thuganomics gimmick.


I want to see John cena to become 17th time champion it is my dream to see this belt on cena

I want John Cena to win one more Title to eclipse Ric Flair record
Of 16 Titles

Roman is the best

No, it's time for Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns

No it Roman reigns

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